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Develop Your Company’s Innovation Capability

One of Science Park’s missions is to strengthen the competitiveness of the county’s existing businesses by promoting sustainable and challenge-driven innovation. We are a knowledge center that can provide companies with tools, knowledge, and networks to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

With Innovation as a Tool – We Help You Develop Your Business

Our business developers and innovation leaders possess extensive and in-depth understanding of business and innovation, with experience across various industries. With the support of our network of experts and specialist competencies, we’re ready to provide your company with the support it needs to flourish.

With the world on the brink of a sustainable transition, we face a range of new opportunities. Is your company ready to embrace these and meet tomorrow’s needs in sustainability, artificial intelligence, and digitalization? We have the knowledge, tools, and networks to prepare your company for the future.

Science Park offers initiatives, skills, tools, and networks in:

Sustainable Innovation and Innovation Management

The whole world is shifting towards sustainable development – and new challenges create new opportunities. We help you take the step towards sustainable solutions that are in demand by the market and have a positive impact on the climate and environment.

Interested in how we can assist you in creating sustainable businesses for the future?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Digitalization has radically changed the conditions – and opportunities – in many areas over the past decades. Society is poised to evolve with the help of AI, Artificial Intelligence.

We assist you in understanding and leveraging the possibilities with AI to create business value – regardless of the industry you operate in.

Wan’t to create business value with AI?

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Digital Business and Digital Transformation

Changing purchasing behaviors impose new requirements to maintain and develop competitiveness in the business. We help you adapt to altered customer behaviors, discover new business models, refine your business logic, and create digital concepts that elevate your company to the next level in the digital ecosystem.

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A Regional Ecosystem to Strengthen the Business Community in Jönköping County

Science Park is at the forefront of innovation and sustainable development. With a strong link to Jönköping University, we enhance our role in converting research into practically useful knowledge and becoming a tangible hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

We strongly believe in regional collaboration. With all thirteen municipalities of the county in our realm, we’re building a robust ecosystem focused on sustainable innovation. By offering regional services to all municipalities, while encouraging local focus areas and priorities, we position Science Park as a vital hub for innovation and entrepreneurship addressing societal challenges.

Together, we create impact – for a brighter future.

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