Science Parks affärsutvecklare Henning Lindberg står framför en tavla med en affärsmodell och presenterar Science Parks erbjudande och tjänster.

Our Services and Offerings

Enjoy complimentary business development, financing options, and pitch practice. Discover Science Park Jönköping’s array of offers and services tailored for those with a business idea, eager to launch a startup, or aiming to expand an existing company.

Here's How Science Park Can Assist You:

Step 1- Complimentary Business Development

At Science Park Jönköping, we provide free business development and coaching to bring your business idea to life. Whether you are an individual entrepreneur, student, researcher, or managing an established company, our business development services are available to you.

Step 2- Financing Your Business – What Are Your Options?

Capital is crucial for realizing business ideas and running a company. Hence, at Science Park, we invest substantial efforts in creating opportunities for our businesses to secure funding and investments to flourish and evolve. Here you’ll find all the information on how to finance your business idea and your company.

Step 3- We Help You Find and Build Your Startup Team

Ready to expand your team to turn your idea into reality? At Science Park, many of our business developers are skilled in team and organizational development. We guide you on the type of people and skills you need, how to find them, and assist in building a unified team.

Learn more about how we can help you.

Step-4 Offers and Benefits from Our Partners

By engaging with us at Science Park, you gain multiple advantages like advisory services and discounts – such as a free accounting program and bank account for the first year. We have numerous partners and a network of experts in fields like sustainability, legal, patents, accounting, marketing, and technical development.

Link: Here you can find all our partners and their offers for those who seek assistance from Science Park.

Step-5 Tools and Toolkits

We’ve compiled some of our best tools and models that aid in defining and developing your business idea strategically, efficiently, and sustainably. We trust in their effectiveness because we use them in our own business development every day.

Find our business models and toolkits here.

Step 6- Discover Competitions and Scholarships

Dreaming of starting your own venture but need some funds to kickstart and explore your idea? Or are you ready to take the next significant step forward with your business idea but waiting for the financial push?

We’ve collected several tips on competitions and scholarships that could fund your business idea.

Step- 7 Pitch Training

At Science Park, we love to support our companies as they practice pitching their business ideas. We help you refine your arguments and create an impressive presentation for investors or potential clients. With efficient tools, practice, and feedback, we ensure that you pique interest and tailor your pitch for various audiences and scenarios.

Practice your pitch with Science Park.