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Currently we have an internship opportunity with a focus on organizing the Impact Challenge and working with idea and business development. Read more about the internship and apply here.

I feel like this is an industry of the future and maybe one of the most enjoyable jobs you can have.

Henning Lindberg

What do you do in your role as a business developer?

As a business developer in our incubator, I work closely with entrepreneurs or teams to identify the most crucial actions to bring the company closer to its customers and commercialization. Following this, from Science Park’s perspective, we do our best to contribute to implementing these actions using internal resources, partners, and the expertise within our extensive network. We typically don’t play an operational role but act more as a strategic advisor. Additionally, we have a fantastic network. It’s important to note that we don’t always have all the answers to the challenges the company faces on its own. However, we often have ideas on how to find solutions to the challenges.

The most rewarding aspect of working at Science Park and in the incubator is getting to know the people behind the ideas and delving into areas or industries that I sometimes didn’t even know existed. We often develop strong and close relationships with the people we work with, partly because we collaborate over an extended period, and the partnership is built on trust. The questions are often challenging and have a significant impact on both the company and the individuals behind it. We often stay in touch with the companies even after we stop working with them. It feels really good when we see that the companies have a real positive impact on society or the challenges they address. That’s when I feel that this is an industry of the future and perhaps one of the most enjoyable jobs you can have. The solutions to today’s challenges become tomorrow’s businesses, and they are essential if we want a thriving society and planet even tomorrow.

Henning Lindberg, responsible for Science Park’s incubator program.

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Our most significant impact is not about replacing our consumables and drinking organic coffee but rather about guiding hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs each year to choose a more sustainable direction for their business.

Maria Göransdotter Marklund

What do you like best about working at Science Park?

I’m obviously biased, but I love my job! There are countless reasons for that, but here are the top three:

Our mission. We accomplish meaningful and impactful work, with the chance to influence society positively and sustainably – truly. Our most notable impact is not just about changing our everyday products or enjoying organic coffee but about assisting hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs each year in opting for a more sustainable direction for their businesses. I might not be saving lives at work, but I contribute to making sure others can.

My colleagues. Both because we have an insanely good time together and because they are incredibly knowledgeable and wise. I’ve never been at a workplace where the entire team is so passionate about what we do, like here at Science Park. And our unity isn’t built on extravagant conferences or weekly after-work gatherings, but on our everyday work life. Around the lunch table, during meetings, and when we get things done together

That we argue a lot. That’s something good, I believe. Don’t get me wrong – ‘arguing’ is definitely the wrong word, but we are many individuals with strong wills and different perspectives. The fact that we dare to stand up for what we believe is, to me, a sign of security. We can have intense discussions where everyone has different opinions, and still laugh together at the coffee table afterward. Here, I always dare to express my opinion because I know that we genuinely care about each other.

Maria Göransdotter Marklund, Head of Communication and Brand Management

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