The Incubator Program

New businesses and startups can thrive in an incubator, a place where they are nurtured and guided through their developmental journey. The primary goal? Paving the way towards profitability and growth. Here, entrepreneurs are equipped with comprehensive business development, networking opportunities, coaching, and financial sourcing assistance.



Science Parks’ Incubator Program

Welcome to Science Park, where ideas grow into innovations and businesses bloom. Our incubator program stands out as an exemplary tool where we leverage our expertise and provide tailor-made business development for innovative ideas with the potential to skyrocket. Annually, we admit roughly ten promising ideas or startups into our incubator. Once on board, for a span of 6-24 months, participants collaborate closely with both our in-house business developers and external specialists.

Included in Science Parks' Incubator Program:

Personalized Business Development

Engage with a dedicated business developer for up to four hours weekly for guidance on business models and strategies.

Tools & Templates

Access tools, models, and templates for contracts and documents to streamline your startup journey.

Team Building Assistance

Find collaborators or hire team members that align with your vision.

Financial Guidance

Source the right financing for your venture, leveraging Science Parks’ vast network of entrepreneurs and investors.

Pitch Training

Sharpen your skills to present and fundraise effectively.

Funding Access

Apply for funds from Vinnova (Sweden’s innovation authority) to fast-track your market entry. Also, seek capital (up to 500,000 SEK) from our seed capital company, Speed Capital.

Coworking Space Access

Work from our collaborative workspace and be part of an innovative community.

FAQs on Science Parks' Incubator

  • Apply anytime! We admit new incubator companies throughout the year, offering flexible, individually tailored programs.

  • No boundaries. We cater to all industries. However, our focus remains on sustainable, society-impacting business ideas.

  • Our business developers have extensive expertise from major corporations, personal ventures, and startups. Additionally, access specialist knowledge from consultants and partners across various domains including sustainability, IP rights, law, technology, and more.

  • With our deep understanding of the investment market, access our wide network of investors and gain assistance in public grant applications. We also help refine your pitch and can assist during investment meetings.

  • We help analyze your company’s expertise requirements and profile matching. Our large network includes motivated individuals perfect for internships, consultancy, partnerships, hires, or co-ownership roles.

Criteria for Joining the Incubator Program

We coach businesses across all sectors. To apply, you should:

  • Live or operate in Jönköping County.
  • Have recently established or plan to launch a company soon.
  • Possess the ambition and time to nurture a growth company.
  • Offer a market solution with clear problem-solving potential and international scalability.
  • Contribute to societal sustainability through your business idea, product, or service.
  • Have a scalable business idea.

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