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Wondering how you can leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your company? Interested in understanding how AI can contribute to increased business value, cost reduction, and process improvement? At Science Park, we can assist you in identifying opportunities and transforming them into enhanced business value. Whether you already have an idea of how you want to use AI or need inspiration and guidance, our AI Readiness project is here to help. All efforts are free of charge for small and medium-sized businesses in Jönköping County.

What AI Readiness Project Can Assist You With

In our AI Readiness project, you’ll gain inspiration and knowledge through lectures, coaching, workshops, research, and collaborative projects with students at Jönköping University. We help elevate your company’s understanding of the opportunities presented by AI and how you can convert these possibilities into increased business value – both theoretically and practically. You also gain access to Science Park’s AI network, establishing contacts for your company’s ongoing development. Our primary goal with AI Readiness is to empower businesses in Jönköping County to become ‘AI ready’ – meaning they acquire the competence to independently introduce AI applications.

Science Park's AI-Network

Science Park’s AI Network is a platform for knowledge exchange, inspiration, discussions, collaborations, business development, and new ideas. It provides a unique opportunity for you to stay updated on the latest in AI at regional, national, and international levels. The network is free of charge and open to all. While we don’t impose any requirements for mutual involvement, we hope you choose to participate in our physical meetings to actively contribute to the knowledge exchange.

Local Companies Already Embarking on Their AI Journey

With several years of effort behind us, we’ve already collaborated with numerous local businesses, demonstrating how AI can generate business value. From optimized processes and reduced costs to enhanced customer experiences and new business models, AI not only presents theoretical possibilities but delivers tangible results.

AI Sessions – Digital Lectures on Artificial Intelligence

AI and sustainability are reshaping the landscape, offering new possibilities and business opportunities for entrepreneurs. Dive into a wealth of inspiration and knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence through our knowledge series, AI Sessions.

Responsible AI – Ethical Frameworks for AI Usage

We also delve into the realm of responsible AI, emphasizing the importance of establishing ethical frameworks in AI applications. Ensuring that AI is used responsibly is crucial, and we can assist your company in navigating through these challenges.

AI – a Cornerstone In Future Businesses

At Science Park, we are firm believers that the solution to our current and future societal challenges lies in human innovation. Innovative growth companies, we believe, play a crucial role in future-proofing our region’s business landscape. To succeed in the necessary advancements, we are also convinced that the application of AI will play a pivotal role for many of today’s businesses.

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