Science Park’s Why

At Science Park, we firmly believe in people’s desire to contribute to a sustainable society, and we trust the power of innovation to address societal challenges. Whether they’re big or small, local or global, we foster, develop, and support sustainable innovations and new businesses among individuals and companies – ensuring the future of the regional economy. That’s our why – to contribute to a sustainable society.

How Science Park Works to Address Societal Challenges

At Science Park Jönköping, we strive to help individuals, businesses, and organizations develop new knowledge and sustainable innovations. Our mission revolves around addressing societal challenges through innovation, fresh ideas, and entrepreneurship from both individuals and established companies. Through our environment, people’s expertise, ideas, and creativity can benefit society. Jönköping Municipality, Jönköping University, the Jönköping County Region, and the remaining 12 municipalities are our most significant stakeholders. Together, we play a pivotal role in the regional innovation system.

A Community for Those Who Want to Change the World

Our commitment to creating both a physical and digital community is evident in our day-to-day operations. This focus has broadened and deepened the representation among the participants in our programs.

We’re proud to engage a vast audience, ensuring that the threshold to participate in our activities remains low. This approach has garnered strong expertise across various fields and compelling case studies. Diversity breeds excellence, subsequently paving the way for numerous powerful ideas.

Business development and inclusivity form the core of our customer engagements. Our relentless efforts allow us annually to work with close to 1,000 ideas, contribute to 250 business start-ups, and actively pursue business development for about 100 ideas.

Science Park – A Toolkit for the Entire Jönköping County

We’ve positioned ourselves as a regional toolkit, with municipalities and organizations alike benefiting from our offerings. We aim to clearly package our services and can act both as the main player and a platform where others can provide their services.

Science Park is deeply involved in the development and execution of strategically crucial projects and initiatives in Jönköping County. Everything we do aligns with our overarching goals and our belief that we can make a positive difference in the world. For us, sustainability isn’t an option – it’s central to our operations. Digitization, and soon AI, are given essentials, and it’s our mission to equip the county’s businesses with the necessary tools to keep pace with advancements.

Our Employees – Our Most Valuable Asset

We take pride in our employees embodying our core values. Our employee surveys consistently show positive results concerning their perception of the workplace. A robust collegial spirit characterizes us, imbued with forward-thinking, execution ability, and a desire for development. At Science Park, our employees are our greatest assets, and their contributions are pivotal to our strategy. We’re proactive in attracting and retaining skilled staff while fostering engagement and motivation in their daily tasks. We believe that by creating an environment where we support each other, we can build a workplace culture that carries us towards our purpose and “why”.

Science Park – An Impact Movement for a Brighter Future.

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