Tre entreprenörer sitter i Science Parks coworking och pratar med varandra.

Start Your Business & Develop an Idea

Do you need help starting or developing your business? At Science Park, we offer free coaching and business development. We are your sounding board throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

Start a Business and Develop a Business Idea – Free Consultation at Science Park

Do you have an idea you want to develop? Do you need help starting your own business? Welcome to Science Park – we provide free business development and coaching for both individuals and existing companies. Take advantage of our comprehensive articles on developing business ideas, attending business development programs, or meeting with a business developer to get help in starting a business.

Free Business Development and Innovation Management

Do you want to develop an existing business? Do you have an idea for a new product or service within your company that could become a new business or opportunity? At Science Park, we not only support new entrepreneurs and innovators, but we also assist small and medium-sized companies in the Jönköping region with business development and innovation advice.

Financing a Business

How do you finance a business? Can you start your own business without capital? We have a wealth of knowledge about the loans and grants you can use and where to find investors for your company or idea. Additionally, we operate an investment fund, a venture capital company, and an investor network.

This is Science Park

At Science Park, we believe in people’s desire to contribute to a sustainable society, and we believe in the power of innovation to solve societal challenges, both big and small, local and global. Therefore, we create, develop, and contribute to sustainable innovations and new businesses for individuals and companies – we future-proof the regional business community.

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Our Business Developers – Free Advice for Companies

At Science Park, we have a team of business developers with expertise in various areas. What does a business developer do, you might ask? Our business developers provide advice and coaching for companies and individuals who want to start their own business. Together, we have experience from various industries and can help you with everything from business models to building a sustainable business.

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Tools and Toolkits

When we encounter new ideas at Science Park, we use various models and tools to work with the entrepreneur to see how the idea can be developed. Try them on your own or reach out to us if you want us to be part of the process!

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Book a Free Meeting

No matter how far you’ve come with your idea or your business, we are here for you. Book a free meeting where you can bounce your thoughts with one of our business developers.

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