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Business Development Programs

For over 20 years, Science Park has been supporting entrepreneurs and startups. If you’re thinking of starting or already running a business, consider applying for our business development programs. They offer knowledge, inspiration, and a network to accelerate the success of your business idea.

The Kickstart Program – For Those Eager to Begin

Kickstart is an intensive course designed for those who are keen to start their own business or have just initiated their venture and wish to give it the best possible momentum. The program provides free assistance in establishing your business and equips you with all the tools necessary for its progression. The Kickstart program is hosted twice a year and is compatible with full-time studies or a full-time job.

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The Startup Program – Intensive Training for Aspiring Startups

The Startup Program is an intensive course tailored for those wanting to evolve their idea into a startup. We conduct the program biannually, in spring and autumn. It spans approximately eight to ten weeks. Participants receive individualized business development guidance, expert consultations, lectures, coworking opportunities, and the program culminates in a Demo Day. Here, participants can meet potential investors, clients, or collaboration partners, and even stand a chance to win funds to further their business idea.

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The Incubator Program – Customized Business Development for Innovative Ideas

At Science Park’s incubator, we transform ambitious and innovative ideas into prosperous ventures. We offer bespoke support for your concept, encompassing business development, coaching, funding assistance, and access to an expert network, all designed to expedite profitability and growth. The incubator targets innovative businesses with high growth potential. Every year, we welcome roughly ten companies. As a participant, you’ll spend 6-24 months working alongside our business developers and external specialists.

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Individual Business Development for New Entrepreneurs and Existing Companies

Do you have an idea or an existing business that you’re keen to evolve, but feel the above programs might not be the perfect fit? Let’s have a chat. No matter where you are with your idea, we’ll explore potential personalized solutions for you and your venture. The initial consultation at Science Park is always free of charge and confidential.

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