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Business Development & Coaching

At Science Park, we are passionate about developing ideas and entrepreneurs to their full potential and contributing to solving societal challenges through innovation. With us, you can get free business development when you have a business idea you want to test or if you have recently started a business. We also help small and medium-sized companies in Jönköping county with innovation development to find and develop new sustainable solutions.

Science Park’s mission – we help you with sustainable business development

At Science Park, we have great faith in the power of innovation to solve societal challenges. Big or small, local or global. We believe in the entrepreneur’s desire to contribute to a sustainable society, and therefore we put extra effort into the people and ideas that take a step in the right direction. This is our contribution to a more sustainable world – through more sustainable innovations.

What is business development?

Business development is about developing and improving your business idea or business-driving activity. In the end, our business development should create value for your customer and contribute to a more sustainable and profitable operation.

Development of a new business idea or a new company

When you want to start a business or develop a business idea, you can get free help from Science Park’s business developers. We help you see your idea, product or service from a new perspective. Through us, you get personal coaching, support and tools adapted to your idea. We also have several business development programs for you who want to work dedicatedly with your idea in a development program.

Start Your Business & Develop an Idea

– Are you starting a business? I am incredibly grateful for all the support I received in the startup of my company. Science Park has been there in every step – from getting started with marketing and brand development to finding the right shipping company, building an online store and getting answers to my questions about patents. They are an invaluable knowledge bank for start-up companies, which was right on target for my needs and questions!

Olivia Nylundh, Herrydet Gårdsmejeri

Development of an existing company

Science Park also offers business development and innovation advice for existing companies. We work with small and medium-sized companies in Jönköping county who want to develop new innovations, create business benefits through AI and develop within digitalization.

Read more about our business development and innovation development for existing companies.

How to get help with free business development

Getting help with business development from us at Science Park is easy. Everything starts with a meeting – physical or digital – where you get to meet one of our knowledgeable business developers.

How does a business development meeting with us at Science Park work?


After you have booked a business development meeting, you are matched with a business developer in your local area.


Then we see each other in a first meeting (online if you want to).


First, we want to get to know you and listen to your thoughts to understand your idea.


Then you get personal coaching, support and tools adapted to your idea.


Then we create a plan for the next step forward together.

A meeting with us is free of charge and confidential – and all ideas are welcome. Big or small. Book a meeting to get started with your idea.