The Kickstart Program

Dreaming of Starting Your Own Business? Kickstart is an intensive course designed for those eager to start their own venture or those who have just begun and aim to give their business the best possible start. This program offers complimentary guidance on starting your business and provides all the tools necessary for its further development.

Kickstart Program Overview

The Kickstart program is completely free of charge and consists of approximately six collective sessions spread over about six weeks.

During these sessions, you’ll delve into the methodologies to swiftly and simply evaluate your ideas, familiarizing yourself with various tools to advance them.

You’ll gain insights from experts in areas such as marketing, financing, sustainability, and sales – essentially, inspirational figures who run various businesses and can provide a comprehensive view of the entrepreneurial life.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to strategically integrate a clear sustainability perspective into your business idea.

Networking, Inspiration, and Personal Business Development

As a participant, you’ll be integrated into a network where you can meet like-minded individuals, get inspired, and receive advice. Who knows – you might even find someone to join forces with and launch your business! You’ll also receive individualized coaching from Science Park’s business developers, accompanying you throughout the entire journey.

Practical Information about the Kickstart Program

The program runs for roughly six weeks, with sessions held both during the day and evening. It’s designed to be compatible with full-time studies or a full-time job, but it demands extra effort and dedication towards your business idea and the included sessions. Meetings are held at Science Park’s venues in Jönköping County.

Who Can Participate in the Kickstart Program?

This program is tailored for those about to start, wishing to start, or who have recently launched their own business in Jönköping County. Your specific location within the county is not a factor. Perhaps you’ve been mulling over a business idea for some time – now’s the moment to focus and take the leap. Whether you have an idea to develop or you’re in the early stages of your entrepreneurial journey, you’ll receive the inspiration, knowledge, and advice tailored to your needs. To maximize the benefits of this program, it’s crucial that you’re prepared to invest time into your business idea and venture.

Have questions about the program? Reach out to Ellen!
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Ellen Lannemyr
Business Developer