Carola Öberg, tidigare projektledare på Science Park Jönköping står framför en vägg med postit och texter och presenterar vad som står på väggen. På väggen står ord som "impact". "material" och "framtiden"

Innovation in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Science Park’s mission for small and medium-sized enterprises is clearly formulated: Sustainability. With Agenda 2030 as our driving force, we promise to rethink the future and deliver innovative solutions that blend new business opportunities with societal benefits. Drawing on years of experience in business development and innovation management in established companies, we are now ready to help you develop tomorrow’s businesses in our project, Future Innovation.

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Innovation Advisory for New Sustainable Businesses

Through the project, you receive coaching to enhance your ability to transition to sustainable development. We support your company in developing innovative solutions that deliver value to both existing and new customers, aligning with market demands.

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Who Can Benefit From the Initiatives Within Future Innovation?

The Future Innovation project provides support to established companies in Jönköping County, spanning all industries, that have up to 250 employees and an annual turnover of up to 500 million SEK.

Here's What We Provide for Existing Businesses:


Basic Current Situation Analysis – Pinpointing the Starting Point for Innovation.

A one-day workshop to explore your current status and foundation for innovation.

Learn more about the current state analysis.


In-Depth Future Analysis – Start Crafting Sustainable Solutions

We delve into your immediate surroundings, the broader context, and current trends, sparking idea generation for new sustainable products, services, and business models.

Learn more about our future analysis.


Advanced Innovation Leadership – Steer the Work Independently

Completing the three-part phase, you’ll be shaping sustainable solutions that not only benefit society but also drive business value. This process equips you with the skills to independently and consistently engage in systematic innovation over time.

Explore more about our comprehensive innovation leadership.


The Innovation Management Program

An 18-month program designed to empower and structure your innovation efforts. Together, we cultivate sustainable businesses and foster an organizational culture and leadership capable of navigating through times of constant change.

Discover more about the Innovation Management Program

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