En man står framför en whiteboard och skriver på tavlan. Han har ritat upp ett flöde för en e-handel som beskriver kundresan online.

Innovation through digital transformation

Enter a world where digital transformation is at the forefront! Digital transformation involves the transition from analog to digital information, impacting individuals and society as a whole. It’s more than just making digital technology and infrastructure available to everyone; it’s about establishing norms and building trust around this emerging technology.

Explore the digital possibilities within your industry with our guidance

Our businesses are at the core of a transformative wave that touches every aspect of the business landscape. At the heart of this evolution lies data. As companies dive deep into and fully leverage their own and others’ data, the momentum of digital transformation truly accelerates. This journey can result in the development of innovative business models, streamlined and effective business practices, cost-saving strategies, and the cultivation of new collaborative opportunities.

How does this impact your business, and how can you explore new digital horizons? We assist you in uncovering fresh business models, refining your business strategy, and shaping digital concepts that propel your company to new heights. Together, we navigate the transformative potential of the digital era for your business and the entire industry.

Who can benefit from Science Park’s assistance?

Science Park is here to support established companies in Jönköping County, spanning all industries, with a workforce of up to 249 employees and a turnover of up to 500 million SEK.

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Imagine having access to a digital personal trainer. All to move your company forward and get to know your customer better through their digital journey. First, we map out your current situation and vision. Based on the current state, we progress and coach you within the ecosystem of digital business. Then, the work begins to establish your offering – one that the market demands. An offering that scales up to meet local or global market needs.

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To establish a lasting relationship and business with your customer, it’s crucial for your company to remain relevant throughout the entire customer journey. But, where and how should you begin?

Schedule a free and confidential meeting with our business development expert, Simon Sleman. He’ll guide you in taking the first steps!