En affärsutvecklare sitter i ett mötesrum tillsammans med en entreprenör.

Complimentary Business Development

Science Park Jönköping provides free support to nurture and guide your business ideas. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, student, researcher, or have an established business, our services are tailored to assist you.

Everyone is Welcome at Science Park

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to discuss a spur-of-the-moment idea or a business concept you’ve been refining for years. You are welcome to Science Park regardless of how far you’ve progressed in your idea development or entrepreneurial journey. With meeting places and business developers in all 13 municipalities in the county, we provide both regional presence and local expertise.


Meet with a business developer

Science Park – A Platform for Ideas and Innovations that Benefit Society

Science Park’s mission is to address societal challenges by working with innovations, new ideas, and entrepreneurship in both individuals and established companies. Our environment fosters the use of people’s knowledge, ideas, and creativity for the benefit of society.


How Science Park Can Support You

Science Park’s operations are mainly funded by Jönköping municipality and Jönköping University, as well as through projects supported by Vinnova and the EU’s structural funds. Therefore, we can support aspiring entrepreneurs and existing companies in Jönköping county with business development and innovation advice – to create positive change within business and society.


Business Development and Coaching for New Entrepreneurs

“What is a business development meeting? What’s expected of me? Am I ready to commit? Is my idea good enough and well-thought-out?” These are common questions we encounter at Science Park.


Booking a meeting and sharing your idea with someone else can seem like a huge step. We are here for you to bounce off your ideas and for those looking to start or develop a company. When we meet, it’s on your terms.

Here’s how it works when you get help from Science Park:


Book a Meeting

Start by booking a meeting with us at Science Park. The meeting is always free of charge and confidential. It can be held in person or digitally, whichever you prefer.


Match with a Business Developer

Once you’ve scheduled a meeting, you’ll be paired with one of our business developers located nearest to you. We can also match you with a developer who has the best expertise for your business idea. At Science Park, we are about 35 employees with diverse knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship and business.


We Get to Know You and Your Idea

The meeting centers around you and the idea you want to talk about. We begin with your thoughts and questions. We serve as an unbiased sounding board, maintaining confidentiality, and our sole aim is to see you succeed as an entrepreneur.


You Get Personalized Coaching Tailored to Your Idea

Once we grasp the challenges you encounter on your entrepreneurial path, we can provide you with the best coaching, models, and tools to refine and organize your idea. We link you to a network that simplifies your journey, connecting you with experts who offer valuable advice, complimentary resources, and discounts on the essentials for developing your idea.


We Create a Plan for the Next Steps

We accompany and assist you on your individual entrepreneurial journey by examining your present circumstances and assessing the challenges and possibilities on the path to your vision. Science Park, along with our entire community, stands ready to support you in reaching your dreams. Having a business developer as a guide to help navigate and stay on course is invaluable, preventing you from getting bogged down too early in the details.

Business Development and Innovation Advice for Existing Businesses

The overarching goal of Science Park is to foster more entrepreneurs, facilitate the growth of companies, and strengthen the regional innovation system. Our mission extends beyond assisting new entrepreneurs and business owners; we also aim to support existing businesses. Through Science Park, small and medium-sized companies can receive assistance with strategic business development in sustainability and impact, artificial intelligence, and digitization.

Innovation Development in Sustainability and Impact

At Science Park, we hold the belief that the key to addressing our current and future societal challenges lies in human innovation. We consider innovative growth companies to be pivotal in future-proofing our region’s economy. With substantial experience in business development for established companies and certification as innovation leaders according to the RISE Certification Rule for Innovation Leaders, our ability to lead and instruct systematic innovation work is quality assured and held to a high standard.

Our innovation leaders assist your company in developing innovative solutions that create value for both existing and new customers, meeting market demand.

Innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises

Develop Your Digital Business

Does your company want to keep up with the changing buying behaviors of customers? It’s crucial to adapt to retain competitiveness and create new business opportunities. At Science Park, we can assist you in the digital transformation of your business.

We understand that navigating the digital ecosystem can be overwhelming. But imagine having access to a digital personal trainer, an expert guiding you through the entire process. We start by mapping your company’s current position and vision. Then, we coach you and help develop new business models, enhancing your business logic within the digital landscape.

Our goal is to take your company to the next level. We help you scale up your offerings and tailor them to meet market needs, whether your goal is to provide products and services locally or globally. We’re here to support you.

Let us lead you to success in the digital era. Together, we can establish a robust digital presence and ensure that your company is well-prepared for the future.

Innovation through digital transformation

Discover Business Opportunities with AI

Curious about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) could benefit your company? Interested in understanding how AI can contribute to enhancing business value? Perhaps AI can facilitate reaching customers more effectively, create new customer values, and simultaneously reduce costs and improve processes?

Through our AI Readiness project, Science Park provides inspiration, fresh insights, and knowledge through coaching, workshops, research, and lectures. We assist your company in elevating its understanding of the possibilities with AI and how to translate these opportunities into increased business value. Participation in our initiatives also grants you access to Science Park’s AI network—an invaluable resource for your company’s ongoing development.

Create business value with AI