En skissbild på Science Park Towers i Jönköping. Byggnaden består av fyra torn i olika höjder.

Science Park Towers & House

Science Park Jönköping is a hub for creativity, innovation, development, and experiences. It’s a nexus of entrepreneurship, students, businesses, and individuals seeking inspiration and growth. Sustainable businesses and innovations that make a difference and create an impact in society are cultivated here. Together, we shape a space where unexpected encounters emerge and new opportunities take shape.

What’s inside Science Park?

Science Park comprises two buildings – Science Park Towers and Science Park House. Over a hundred companies across various industries call our spaces home – but we’re much more than a business center.

At Science Park, you can temporarily work from the dynamic environment of the lounge or gain new insights at one of our seminars and events. Why not visit our restaurant and immerse yourself in the creative ambiance? At Science Park, you’ll encounter an open environment – whether you’re looking to grab a coffee or seeking a permanent workspace where you can both be inspired and thrive.

Here you can access:


💡 Creative spaces for meetings and innovation


💻 Touchdown areas for those who need to work briefly


🥗 Café and restaurant


🧧 Spaces for conferences, congresses, and hybrid events


📌 Flexible offices


🎉 Events and activities


🎓 Student hub and proximity to the university


🌳 Outdoor workspaces


👥 Networking opportunities


👋 Front Desk

…all set within a thrilling mix of people, knowledge, and networks. Join us as we elevate ideas, creativity, encounters, entrepreneurship, architecture, and the workplace of the future to the next level.

The Workplace of the Future for You and Your Business

Through our meeting spaces and offices, we provide everything you and your business need to soar to new heights. Suitable for both small and large operations – as offices or in coworking.

Interested in learning more about the opportunity to rent office space at Science Park?

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Science Parks fastighets- och serviceansvarige Zarah Malm står i en dunkel loungeyta i Science Park Towers
Zarah Malm
Property & Service Manager