The Innovation Management Program

Today’s rate of change puts significant pressure on existing companies to be able to meet, manage, and lead change. Sustainable business operations and sustainable business models require new insights, awareness of how the external environment affects us, and a process for moving forward. In sustainable companies, the entire organization needs to be prepared. Successfully implementing and conducting a prosperous innovation effort requires time, commitment, and knowledge.

Science Park’s Innovation Management Program

With years of experience in business development and innovation management in established companies, Science Park is ready to help you develop the business of tomorrow. Our innovation management program is run by certified innovation managers and is based on an internationally anchored and common framework for innovation work: ISO56002.

The program is aimed at established companies in Jönköping County with up to 250 employees in all industries, with a turnover of up to 500 MSEK.

What is included in Science Park’s Innovation Management Program

The program starts with an analysis of the company’s current situation and future. The effort then deepens on how you can mobilize, apply, and develop your innovation management.


Step 1: Basic Current Situation Analysis

In the initial analysis, representatives from the operation participate together with business developers and innovation managers from Science Park. The analysis provides a broad overview of where your company stands, but above all what opportunities and challenges exist in different areas. We go through, among other things:

  • What objectives are you working towards and how do you measure these today?
  • What operations are you conducting and in what context do you exist?
  • What does your organization look like and what structures are currently in place?
  • What does the company’s immediate environment and external environment look like?
  • How do you work with sustainability and innovation today?

Step 2: In-depth Future Analysis

The future analysis is your company’s next step in the process towards sustainable development and increased innovation capacity. With the current situation analysis as a starting point, we deepen the analysis work around:

  • Your immediate environment (customers, suppliers, partners, and competitors)
  • Your external environment (lifestyle, politics, economy, social factors, environment, technology, and laws)
  • General trends that affect the company (sustainability, AI, digitization, and other relevant areas)

With the help of this analysis, we look for patterns and develop future scenarios. The future analysis is conducted by master’s students at Jönköping University under the supervision of an innovation manager at Science Park, as well as an academic coach from Jönköping University. The future analysis also requires ongoing operational efforts from the company, preferably from the management team.


Step 3: Advanced Innovation Management

In the last part of the program, we create an ability for your company to conduct sustainable and systematic innovation work. On your own and over time. This final deepening part consists of three blocks: mobilize, apply, and develop. The focus is on working with:

  • Leadership
  • The Organization
  • The Structure

Questions and Answers about the Innovation Management Program

  • No, you don’t. The start, structure, and length of the program are designed for each individual company.

  • No, we work with companies in all industries. All companies in Jönköping County with up to 250 employees and a maximum of 500 MSEK in turnover can apply.

  • Our certified innovation managers, Carina Blom and Tomas Hagwall, run the program. Master students, academic leaders from Jönköping University, and other actors within the innovation system are also involved in the program.

Do you want to apply to the program? Get in touch with:
Science Parks affärsutvecklare Carina Blom står i en lounge i Science Park Towers
Carina Blom
Business Developer & Certified Innovation Leader
Science Parks affärsutvecklare Tomas Hagwall står i en lounge i Science Park Towers
Tomas Hagwall
Business Developer & Certified Innovation Leader