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Starting a Business as a Student

At Science Park, we believe that everyone with a dream of starting their own business should have the chance to do so – especially if you’re a student! We also think that anyone interested should have the opportunity to test their skills in an existing startup. Whether you want to launch your own business or offer your expertise and drive to other businesses, Science Park is here as your sounding board and practical assistance throughout the journey. We have a close collaboration with, among others, Jönköping University, and we have a special passion for students with exciting ideas.

Start a Business Within Your Field of Study – Secure Assignments and Earn Money

With Science Park, you can start a business within the framework of your studies. We have a large network and assist you in finding assignments from companies and startups in the county. To get paid for your work, you need a registered company. If you don’t already have a business, we’ll help you, as a student, to start one.

Become a Student Resource – Gain Valuable Contacts and Work Experience

If you’re not in a position or ready to start your own business, don’t worry. You can still get a chance to test your skills in the market as a student resource. We at Science Park can help you connect with startups and companies in need of additional help. As a student resource, you will undertake short, specific assignments that are time-limited. This setup is unpaid but offers a wealth of valuable contacts, an extraordinary CV, and real-world work experience.

5 Reasons to Start Your Business or Become a Student Resource While Studying


Practically test and develop the knowledge from your course.


Expand your network and make new connections.


Combine your studies with entrepreneurship.


Create a standout CV.


Earn money by offering your services as a consultant.

Science Park assists everyone. No idea is too big or too small. Starting as a consultant in your own business or as a resource in your field of study is an ideal way to gain professional experience before completing your education. We assist those over 18 and students at Jönköping University or any other institution in Jönköping County.

  • When you, as a student, start your business with Science Park, our services include:

    ✅ Comprehensive assistance in starting the business: registration, accounting, administration, taxes, marketing, financing, team-building, business model development, budgeting, and sales.

    💬 Free, confidential consultation and a workspace in our coworking spaces.

    🌟 Advice from Science Park’s partners and experts in areas like e-commerce, business law, patents, and accounting.

    We tailor a setup that fits you and your business idea. When starting a business with Science Park, you can meet a business developer individually or participate in one of our programs where you develop your idea with other budding entrepreneurs.

    Want to learn more about our business development programs?

    Read more about the Kickstart program

    Read more about the Startup program

  • We have an extensive network of established businesses looking for resources for specific tasks – both long-term and short-term. Our goal is to match your consulting business with a suitable assignment. Examples include:

    🔍 Conducting market, customer, competitor, supply chain, profitability, sustainability, digitalization analyses, etc.

    🎨 Graphic design and web development.

    👩🏽‍💻 IT support and programming.

    💻 CAD/CAM.

    📸 Lighting design, imagery, or photography.

    ✅ Project management in various fields.

    📱 Producing content for social media.

    🎯 Creating a business or marketing plan.

    📣 Planning a product or communication campaign.

  • When you become a student consultant for your own business:

    All assignments that Science Park mediates pay you 250 SEK/hour excluding VAT.

    When you become a student resource through Science Park:

    This setup is unpaid but offers a wealth of valuable contacts, an extraordinary CV, and real-world work experience.

Okay, Let’s Do It! How Do I Get Started?

Interested? Start by registering in the form below. Afterwards, one of Science Park’s business developers will contact you to schedule a meeting (in person or online, e.g., via Skype).

Let your journey begin!

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