Hire a Student Entrepreneur

The playing field has changed drastically for many businesses. For some, this could mean reduced orders and uncertainty about the present and the future. However, it’s also possible that your company is flourishing more than ever. Many businesses are likely pondering what the new market will look like, who their customers will be, how to reach them, and how to expedite and manage digitalization.

As a business owner, do you have tasks and projects that you should, but never find the time, to tackle? Fortunately, being a part of Science Park Jönköping offers a solution: hire a student entrepreneur. A student entrepreneur can carry out analyses or surveys on the market, customers, competitors, supply chains, profitability, sustainability, digitalization, and more.

Student entrepreneurs play a crucial role in Science Park’s mission to connect people, ideas, and companies. The goal is to link today’s and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, from large corporations to small enterprises.

Tasks for a student might include:

Analysis of market, target groups, environment, competitors, employees, profitability, or logistics.

Creating a business or marketing plan.

Campaign planning.

Graphic design and web development



Lighting design, imaging, photography.

Project management.

Content for social media.

We are currently looking for company assignments – no task is too small, but we are keen to mediate longer and more extensive assignments.

What We Offer

Matchmaking with a suitable student entrepreneur, who has the relevant education for your specific task. The student entrepreneur completes the task on a consultancy basis.

What You Get

A dedicated and cost-effective resource that carries out the task based on your agreement. Science Park has mediated over 100 tasks that have been implemented for companies in the region.

How Much Does It Cost?

Hiring a student entrepreneur costs 250 SEK/hour (excluding VAT).

How to Register a Task for a Student Entrepreneur?

Register your task using the form below. Briefly describe the type of expertise you’re looking for, the details of the task, its duration, and a contact person from your company. You will then be contacted by a business developer from Science Park, who will connect you with a suitable student entrepreneur.

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