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Offers and Benefits from Our Partners

When you engage with us at Science Park, you gain access to numerous benefits in the form of guidance and discounts – for instance, a complimentary accounting program and bank account for the first year. We collaborate with several partners and maintain a network of experts in areas such as sustainability, legal affairs, patent issues, accounting, marketing, and technical development. Here you can find all our partners and their offers available to you as you seek assistance from Science Park.

Discount on technical development & consultancy

  • Knowit stands as a Nordic powerhouse for the digital solutions of tomorrow. Their vision is to forge a sustainable and humane society through digitization and innovation, and we are eager to support your company on this journey.

    Knowit assists you and your company in harnessing the opportunities of the connected world and maximizing the benefits of digitization.

    Through Science Park, Knowit offers an hour of complimentary consultation in:

    • User research
    • Web
    • E-commerce
    • UX/UI
    • Digital customer experience
    • Cloud technology
    • Information security
    • Wireless technology
    • Software development
    • Software architecture
    • Testing and project management

    Knowit also extends a discount on technical development – through Science Park, you pay 800 SEK per hour (excluding VAT).

  • Alten is an international consultancy firm providing dedicated consultants in technology and IT.

    Alten offers our cases an hour of complimentary consultation in hardware, such as electronics design, industrial design, or mechanical engineering.

    Additionally, Alten provides discounted technical development for 435-790 SEK per hour (excluding VAT).

Discount on services within communication, PR & marketing

  • Bolt™ comprises a carefully selected team of multi-talents in communication, brand strategy, creativity, design, copywriting, photography, videography, and everything you can expect from a multi-creative communication agency.

    Bolt™ offers companies utilizing business development services at Science Park Jönköping an hour of complimentary consultation in strategic communication matters, brand development, creativity, design, and digital presence.

Discount on services within patent & intellectual property law

  • Awa is one of Europe’s leading consultancy firms in intellectual property law, and they have chosen to offer discounted rates to companies in Science Park on certain aspects of their intellectual property services.

Discount on pension and insurance services

  • As a business owner, you have a lot to consider. Länsförsäkringar Jönköping offers favorable deals for businesses at Science Park in pension as well as property and life insurance. Everything concerning your company’s finances and security is in one place with a local insurance company.

    Länsförsäkringar has offices and staff in many locations in the county and actively works to make Jönköping County a great place to live, reside, and run a business. You are taken care of by your personal insurance and pension contact during the start, growth, and development of your business, to receive services that fit your business needs.

    Länsförsäkringar Jönköping offers: Free advisory services in insurance and pension for all tenants and cases.

    • 20% discount on the fee for company pension. 
    • 20% discount on business insurance. 
    • 20% discount for the first year for medical insurance (new customers). 
    • 1 free fire extinguisher and 1 smoke detector.

    The above offers apply to new full-service customers or existing customers who book a meeting with Länsförsäkringar before 31/12-2024.

Discount on accounting and financial reporting services

  • REDO is a digital auditing firm that assists and supports entrepreneurs with all aspects of finance, including accounting, financial statements, tax filing, financial advisory, and as an auditor. They are driven by entrepreneurs themselves. Therefore, they are as flexible as a company’s needs are unique.

    REDO offers companies in Science Park discounted rates for inquiries related to accounting and bookkeeping. Additionally, they are available for a complimentary initial consultation at Science Park every other Thursday.

  • Through Visma, Science Park can offer Visma eEkonomi free of charge for 12 months (valued at approximately 2,000 SEK plus VAT). You can, with simultaneous ordering, supplement with options such as Quotation & Order, Declaration for sole proprietorship, Declaration/Annual report, Visma Website Free – free website, Financial overview with budget, Time reporting free of charge for the first year.

Discount on the startup fee when starting a company

  • SEB It should be easy to run your own business. Get SEB’s Business Package – a comprehensive offer with smart options. Whether you are a freelancer, gig worker, or consultant – with us, you get smart digital services tailored to a new era. A time where more and more, just like you, want to run their own business on their own terms. But most importantly – we help you with sustainable entrepreneurship that lasts.

    As a company at Science Park, we offer you the startup fee (2500 SEK) when you start your new company.

  • Swedbank offers companies at Science Park our Business Package Plus at no cost for the first year. Valued at 1,200 SEK.

    Additionally, they waive the startup fee of 2,500 SEK when you connect your company as a corporate customer with us.

    In the business package, Swedbank has gathered its best and most useful services for you as an entrepreneur. The package solution is suitable for both newly started and established companies and aims to make it as easy as possible for you to manage the company’s finances and gives you the opportunity to devote more time to the business.

    Here you can read more about Swedbank’s business package on Business Package Plus for companies.

This is how you access our benefits

Our partners offer their benefits to you as you seek assistance from Science Park when starting or developing a business. Everything begins with a complimentary and confidential meeting – here you can book coaching or business development.

If you are already in a development process or program with us at Science Park, you contact your business developer or Linda Pålsson to take advantage of our benefit agreements.


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