Science Parks affärsutvecklare Petrus Ekbladh står i en lounge i Science Park Towers

Petrus Ekbladh

Business Developer focused in AI

I have a background in education, service, product development and as a technical consultant. I have primarily worked with product management for robotic lawnmowers at Husqvarna for 10 years. Contact me if you have questions about how you and your company can get started with your AI journey. I will help you find AI solutions that provide real business benefits.

I am made happy by: Variation and contrasts, high and low, mosquitoes in the mountains and a sun lounger on the beach, tents in the forest and hotels in the city, AI and vegetable patches.

The best thing I know: To adventure – which for me is to do something I have not done before.

When I was little, I wanted to be: A chef – I still do.