Competitions and Scholarships

Are you dreaming of launching your own business but lack the funds to kickstart and explore your idea? Or perhaps you find yourself at a standstill with your business concept, waiting for the financial support to take the next significant leap forward. Here, we’ve gathered a range of tips on competitions and scholarships that could provide the financial boost your business idea needs.


Tillväxtstiftelsen (The Growth Foundation) in Jönköping County

The “Innovator of the Year” is awarded annually in all thirteen municipalities of Jönköping County. The prize includes 10,000 SEK and winners are selected by Tillväxtstiftelsen, together with each municipality’s business department and business developers at Science Park Towers. The purpose of the award is to promote innovative ideas and to inspire both new and already established entrepreneurs to dare to think outside the box.

Tillväxtstiftelsens scholarship for social entrepreneurs is awarded to an individual in Jönköping County whose business idea or operation has the potential to create significant societal benefits – big and small. The purpose of the scholarship is to celebrate and elevate sustainable driving forces in society, and to inspire more to let heart and passion lead the way through entrepreneurship. The scholarship amounts to 25,000 SEK.


Science Park Idea Competition

Science Park’s idea competition is open to anyone aiming to contribute to a more sustainable world through ideas and entrepreneurship. Participation is welcome regardless of how far you’ve progressed with your idea. Whether you woke up with a brilliant concept recently or want to compete with a business idea you’ve been refining for years, now ready for the next significant leap – this competition is for you.

The competition comprises two categories:

– Incubator Competition: The winner receives a prize of up to 100,000 SEK along with a spot in Science Park’s incubator and coworking space.

– Idea Competition: The winner is awarded 10,000 SEK, individual coaching, and a place in Science Park’s coworking space.

This competition takes place annually in the fall, with winners announced in January.


The SKAPA-Prize

Annually, the SKAPA Foundation celebrates innovation through the SKAPA Prize and the SKAPA Prize for young innovators, established in honor of the inventor Alfred Nobel. These awards aim to inspire inventors and innovators across the country. Here are the awards you can apply for:

– SKAPA Talent for Young Innovators: For innovators up to 30 years old,  showcasing creative solutions in product and service development. A regional jury selects one winner per county, receiving approximately 10,000 SEK and progressing to the national final, competing for about 250,000 SEK.

– The SKAPA Prize: Open to innovators of all ages, emphasizing originality and creativity in product and service development. A regional jury selects one winner per county, securing approximately 10,000 SEK and advancing to the national final, competing for about 500,000 SEK.

– SKAPA role model – In memory of Leffe Smith: This national prize pays tribute to the unacknowledged heroes essential to a project’s commercial success, who may not be the entrepreneur. This national prize, awarded at the prestigious SKAPA gala in November, includes a 100,000 SEK reward.

Learn more about the SKAPA Foundation and its impactful prizes here.


Venture Cup

Venture Cup STARTUP is an exciting competition designed for startups with scalable business ideas and significant growth potential. Participation in STARTUP not only provides valuable feedback on your idea but also opens doors to a large network of professionals from the business world.

Venture Cup STARTUP offers opportunities in eight competition categories:

– Best Traction: 10,000 SEK
– Beyond Academic: 10,000 SEK
– Game Changer: 10,000 SEK
– Impact Maker: 10,000 SEK
– JCE Accelerator Award: 50,000 SEK
– Innovatum Science Park Award: 15,000 SEK
– Flemingsberg Science Award: 10,000 SEK
– Sysavs Circular Award: 20,000 SEK

For more details, visit Venture Cup STARTUP here.

Venture Cup IDEA is tailored for individuals with early-stage ideas aspiring to elevate them to the next level. The competition kicks off with semifinals in four regions – North, East, South, and West – ending in a national final.

Venture Cup IDEA features four prize categories:

– Impact Maker
– Game Changer
– Best Traction
– Beyond Academic

Explore further about Venture Cup IDEA here.


Slush 100

Slush, a significant tech and startup festival held annually in Helsinki since 2008, serves as a global gathering for entrepreneurs, startups, and investors. This event showcases cutting-edge research, innovative business ideas, insightful lectures, and unparalleled networking opportunities. Slush also stands out as a crucial platform for startups seeking connections with potential investors.

In association with the festival, Slush 100 takes place – a highly competitive pitching competition where the winning pitch secures a remarkable 1,000,000€ in investments from renowned backers such as Accel, General Catalyst, Lightspeed Venture Partners, NEA, and Northzone.

For more information, explore the details of the Slush 100 pitching competition here.


Techarenan Challenge

Techarenan annually hosts an entrepreneurship competition open to Nordic companies in the startup and growth phases. This competition is dedicated to distinctive innovations or business ideas with the potential for global market commercialization.

The victorious participants become part of an exclusive cohort that has previously journeyed to key global tech hubs like New York, Silicon Valley, Tokyo, Seoul, and Sao Paulo, fostering business networks and gaining insights into new international markets.

All finalists receive an exclusive winner’s package that includes:

– Exhibition space at Techarenan Summit
– Membership in Techarenan’s entrepreneurship network
– Promotion across Techarenan’s channels

For more details, explore the Techarenan Challenge here.