Science PArks communitychef Linda Pålsson står framför en publik i resturangmilö och håller en presentation.

About Science Park Jönköping

Science Park Jönköping AB is an establishment where people, companies, and organizations develop new knowledge and sustainable innovations. Our mission is to address societal challenges by working with innovations, fresh ideas, and entrepreneurship in both individuals and established companies. Our environment ensures that people’s knowledge, ideas, and creativity benefit the community. The main stakeholders of Science Park are the Jönköping Municipality, Jönköping University, Jönköping County, and the other 12 municipalities.

Our Mission

At Science Park, we believe that the solution to our current and future societal challenges lies in human innovation – and that innovative growth companies play a crucial role in future-proofing our region’s economy. Our mission is guided by the ownership directive of Science Park Jönköping and the statutes of the non-profit association Science Park System in Jönköping County. This means that at Science Park, we aim to:


Offer direct business development actions to encourage and nurture new ideas and innovations among our target groups. These groups include entrepreneurs, innovators, students, researchers, startups, established companies, and other organizations in Jönköping County.


Construct and provide a robust financial proposition for startups and growth companies within the Jönköping County.


Contribute to the development and execution of strategically essential projects and initiatives in Jönköping County, directly linked to our overarching objective.


Offer and evolve a prominent physical environment and a functional network around entrepreneurship, innovation, business, and academia.


Maintain a clear focus on sustainability. We achieve this by assisting entrepreneurs and businesses in choosing and developing a more sustainable direction for their operations.

Goals of Science Park Jönköping

Our overarching goal is to produce more entrepreneurs, more sustainable business starts, growth businesses, and a potent regional innovation system. We have meeting points and business developers in all 13 municipalities of the county, enabling us to combine a regional offering with local presence. Using innovation as a tool, we work to bolster the competitiveness of the business sector and contribute to a sustainability- and challenge-driven economic development in Jönköping County.

Target Groups of Science Park Jönköping

Our target groups are entrepreneurs, innovators, students, researchers, startups, established companies, and other organizations in Jönköping County. By supporting them with business and innovation development in various forms, we contribute to a surge in ideas and innovations. Every year, we encounter nearly 1,000 ideas and contribute to 250-300 business launches. From these 1,000 ideas, we actively continue working with around 100 ideas and companies.

Finance Offerings at Science Park

Beyond the direct efforts for entrepreneurs and business owners, we’ve also established a potent offering in financing. We manage a regional investor network where we’ve gathered 100 investors seeking exciting companies to get involved with. Science Park also runs a subsidiary, Speed Capital, and is the initiator and part-owner of the investment fund Spectria Invest. Through these, and in collaboration with the foundation Tillväxtstiftelsen, we support businesses in Jönköping County with investments and capital.

A Community for Entrepreneurs and Innovators

We actively strive for an engaged community. We desire that the thousands of people we meet annually form a community that both generates business and matching opportunities. Together, we work to create an impact – a brighter and smarter future.

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