Carola Öberg, tidigare projektledare på Science Park, och Linda Bergqvist på Jönköping University står framför en vägg fylld av postitlappar.

Sustainable Innovation

At Science Park, we have a deep belief in the power of innovation to tackle societal challenges. We have faith in the entrepreneur’s desire to contribute to a sustainable society, and thus we invest heavily in individuals and ideas that are moving in the right direction. This is our contribution to a more sustainable world – through more sustainable innovations.

What is Sustainable Innovation?

Innovation has never been more crucial. Society as a whole needs to rally for sustainable development, and we are working to make Science Park the hub in the ecosystem for sustainable innovation.

When we talk about “sustainable innovation,” we refer to innovations and new business ventures that contribute to solutions for societal challenges and/or where entrepreneurs genuinely incorporate a sustainability-driven approach. This encompasses both sustainability-driven innovation and challenge-driven innovation, focusing on addressing societal issues on both local and global levels.

Science Park’s Efforts for Sustainable Innovation

We take our social responsibility seriously. Every year, we encounter thousands of ideas, companies, and individuals – this allows us the opportunity to influence the region’s businesses and entrepreneurs towards a more sustainable direction. We believe in the entrepreneur’s ability to contribute to a sustainable society, and we invest heavily in those individuals and ideas that are taking steps in the right direction.

In our business development initiatives, we actively work to include a sustainability-driven perspective. All ideas are welcome in the initial phase – so we can influence the businesses of the future at an early stage. When it’s time for the next step and deeper business development, having a sustainability perspective is not optional but a requirement to benefit from Science Park’s offerings. In later stages, like our incubator, it’s required that the ideas and companies have a direct positive impact on one or several global goals.

As an organization, we also aim to achieve a more equal and gender-balanced group of participants, and we actively work to spread knowledge about the power of a more equal and gender-balanced business sector.

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Join the Journey Towards a Brighter Future

Our mission is to promote more sustainable innovation and create conditions for our target groups to be competitive in the future. We believe in providing an offering that is accessible to the entire region and that our target groups should benefit from the initiatives wherever they are. We hope that you will become part of our journey towards a brighter, smarter, and more sustainable future!

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