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Our Values

Our shared values not only influence how we operate and develop our business but also govern our interactions with colleagues, clients, and partners. By adhering to clear values and core principles, we establish a shared vision of what is important in our operations and how we create value for others. Our value system serves as our internal compass, guiding our decisions in daily matters.

A Values-Driven Organization

The core of our community is built on human rights and the foundational democratic values of Swedish society. Individual freedom and integrity, the equal worth of all people, gender equality, inclusion and diversity, and solidarity among people are the values that Science Park upholds and communicates. Within the Science Park community, no one shall be subjected to discrimination or any other form of demeaning treatment.

We stand up for ourselves, our employees, and community members, actively working to reduce both visible and unconscious injustices. In this community, caring for others involves taking action if discrimination, violations, or harassment are observed. We maintain zero tolerance for discrimination, violations, and harassment, creating a work environment and community where everyone is welcome, respected, and appreciated for who they are.

Our Core Values



We exhibit strong execution capabilities, adopting a results-oriented approach with utmost dedication. Our motivation stems from achieving results in every context, prioritizing outcomes for our stakeholders, and above all, for our customers.



We dare to explore new methods of working, approaches, target groups, and activities. Fostering a culture where employees and the organization are infused with the courage to explore unfamiliar territories ensures that we stay at the forefront with our innovative offerings and services.



We are motivated to collaborate and willingly share networks and experiences, both within our community and beyond. Our employees freely exchange knowledge, not only amongst themselves but also directly with our customers and partners. The organization openly communicates its development plans and offerings to optimally support the growth of the regional innovation system.

Science Park's Employees – Our Most Important Resource

Science Park’s most valuable asset is its employees, and as such, we prioritize fostering strong employee engagement. Our goal is to cultivate commitment, drive, and satisfaction in the daily work of our team members. Attracting and retaining staff is crucial for us, and we believe that clarity is the key to success. This clarity extends to what employees can expect from the organization and what the organization can expect in return. We view each other as the work environment, collaboratively creating an inclusive employee culture that propels us toward our important mission.

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