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We Help You Find and Build a Team for Your Startup

Is it time to build your team and supplement it with the right skills to turn your idea into reality? At Science Park, several of our business developers have expertise in team and organizational development. We assist you in determining what kind of people and skills you need, how to find them, and how you can build a strong team together.

The Right Team – a Key to Your Company’s Success

In the world of entrepreneurship, no one has built a business from scratch without the involvement of others. Do you want to succeed on your entrepreneurial journey? Then the recipe is simple: don’t do everything yourself. Begin by asking yourself, “Who could be part of my team?” Whether you’re seeking co-founders, employees, or partners, it’s crucial to think about this question early on.

The difference between the right and wrong team can be crucial. According to studies, having the wrong team or, worse, no team at all, is one of the top three reasons why a startup fails (alongside the absence of market demand and insufficient funding).

Ready to turn your entrepreneurial vision into a thriving reality? Let Science Park guide you in assembling the perfect team for your journey to success.

Complement Your Team Without Hiring

Many define a team as a group of employees working together with a common mission or objectives. Either we have simply “ended up” on the same team, or the team is intentionally assembled for a project or specific tasks.

But for those running a startup or their own business, a team means something different. Instead of viewing a team as something that “comes later,” evolving along with your business, you should consider a team as something you need right here and now to develop and optimize success in your startup.

Why? No one possesses expertise that spans all aspects of a business idea. By complementing your skills with other knowledgeable and wise individuals, you not only broaden the network but also enhance the quality. Together, you capture the market! And, by the way, complementing at an early stage doesn’t necessarily mean hiring new employees.

How You Can Build a Strong Team Without Hiring

When running or starting a business, you can look at the possibilities of creating teams through, for example:

Leverage Collaborative Consultants

Engage in short- or long-term partnerships, and explore the possibility of growing together, discovering shared visions along the way.

Hire a Student Entrepreneur Through Science Park

Student entrepreneurs can perform comprehensive analyses or studies covering areas such as market research, customer insights, competitor landscapes, logistics chains, profitability, sustainability, digitalization, and more. Learn more about the process of hiring a student entrepreneur here.

Explore Networks

Have you assessed the skills of those around you? Have you asked about crucial contacts within your network that could benefit you?

Guidance and Support

Discussing ideas with a mentor, coaching supervisor, or someone who has undertaken a similar journey can offer motivation, knowledge, support, and forge new valuable contacts. Seize this opportunity!

Dare to Ask

Several entrepreneurs hesitate to discuss their ideas or seek assistance. Embracing fearless questioning can be a crucial step in significantly advancing your business!

5 Considerations When Forming Your Team

Establishing a flexible team presents challenges, but under the right circumstances, it’s achievable to foster the drive and commitment necessary for your business’s growth.

Explore these five crucial questions when assembling your startup team:


What motivates us internally and collectively in this undertaking?


What do we aim to bring to the market (external motivation)?


What expectations do we have of each other?


What guidelines govern our collaboration – what's our desired working dynamic?


How long do we anticipate working together?

Science Park is Here to Support You in Building Your Team

We are passionate about developing ideas, entrepreneurs, and businesses to their full potential. Wherever you are in the development of your idea, you’re welcome to reach out to us. We are happy to assist you in figuring out what you need to complement the team that can help you turn your idea into reality.


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