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Start Your Business 

Do you need help starting a business? Do you have a solution to a problem that you want to develop into your own company? Do you dream of a life as an entrepreneur? Have you recently started a business and want to discuss your challenges and opportunities?

At Science Park, we love ideas that can contribute to solving societal challenges and create sustainable businesses. Simply put, ideas that make a difference. No matter how far you’ve come with your plans to start your own business, you can receive free assistance from us to start your business. No idea is too big – or too small.

Free Business Development and Coaching

At Science Park, you’ll receive individual coaching and business development focusing on innovation and sustainability. We assist you in taking your idea from concept to a business idea by providing:

  • Free business development and coaching for your business idea
  • Developing your idea in a sustainable manner
  • Access to networks and investors
  • Practical details concerning your business startup, such as business models and legal form
  • Lectures, knowledge, courses, and inspiration from other entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Free advice from experts in areas like technology, financing, law, marketing, digital business, pitching, and sales
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Meet a business developer – digitally or in person

Checklist – Step-by-step guide to starting your own business

Business Idea

A persistent myth about innovation and entrepreneurship is the image of a person who gets a perfect idea, executes it according to plan, and then lives a happy life filled with wealth and fame. That’s hardly ever how it goes. It is through collaboration with others and by testing the idea at an early stage that it can be developed and grow into something better.

Tools and templates for your business startup

We use various models and tools to work with your idea. These tools help us validate your idea, determine if there is a demand for it, and explore how the idea can be developed. Feel free to try them out on your own or reach out to us if you want us to be involved in the process!

Business Plan

A business plan is a written description of your business idea, presented in a way that others can understand what you want to do. Contrary to what many believe, you don’t need to spend a lot of time creating a comprehensive business plan that tells everything in detail. The world changes, and so do you and your company. Instead, create a brief and concise description that outlines the current situation and gives you an overview of what you need to do first.

Company Name

What will your new company be called? There are a few things to consider when choosing a company name. For example, ensure that the domain name (website address) is available, no other company has the same name, and that it is not limiting if you want to expand your business.

Choose the right legal structure

Sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited company? When it comes to choosing the legal structure for your company, there are several aspects to consider. We can help you figure out which legal structure fits what you want to do with your business.

Register your company

When registering your company, there are several steps to go through. One tip is to use a checklist and tick off each item step by step. The checklist may vary depending on the type of sole proprietorship or company you are starting.

At you can read everything you need to know about registering your compay.

Find financing for your business

How do you finance your own business? Can you start a business without capital? We have extensive knowledge about the loans and grants you can use and where to find investors for your company or idea. Additionally, we run an investment fund, a seed capital company, and an investor network.

Pitch training when presenting your idea

There are many situations where you may need to sell your business in a concise and clear manner. To get the opportunity to talk more about your fantastic product or service in a pitch, you must quickly capture the recipient’s interest. We can help you develop and practice your pitch and can suggest idea and startup competitions.

Start Your Own Business Programs

Science Park offers several business development programs where you receive individual business development and the opportunity to meet other new entrepreneurs.

🏃🏾‍♀️ The Kickstart Program

💫 The Startup Program

🧡 The Incubator Program

Which program suits you best?

We have several partners and a network of experts in areas such as sustainability, law, patents, accounting, marketing, and technical development. When you seek assistance from us at Science Park, you get several benefits in the form of advice and discounts – such as a free accounting program and a bank account for the first year. Book a meeting with us if you want to know more!