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Innovation & Impact

At Science Park Jönköping, we work to enable people, businesses and organizations to develop new knowledge and sustainable innovations. Our mission is to solve societal challenges through innovation, new ideas and entrepreneurship, both among individuals and established companies.

Impact Companies and Businesses Addressing Societal Challenges

At Science Park, we have a special passion for companies that, in various ways, contribute to creating impact – positive influence – in our environment. Some companies, referred to as impact companies, make it their business model to do just that: address one – or several – societal challenges while generating economic profit. Other types of companies are transitioning towards more sustainable solutions in traditional industries.

Science Park Helps You Take the First Step

No matter where you or your company are, we at Science Park are here to develop your idea, business, or innovation. The future cannot wait – and perhaps our most important contribution is helping people and companies take the first step towards a more sustainable business.

Science Park’s Contributions to Companies Wanting to Create Impact

With the world on the threshold of sustainable transformation, we face a range of new opportunities. At Science Park, we have the knowledge, tools, and networks that help you prepare your company for the future.

Science Park offers resources, expertise, tools, and networks in the areas of

Sustainable Innovation and Innovation Management

We help you take the step towards sustainable solutions that are in demand by the market and that have a positive impact on the climate and environment.

Here you can read more about how we can help you create sustainable businesses for the future.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We help you understand and use the opportunities with AI to create business value – regardless of the industry you are in.

Digital Business and Digital Transformation

We help you adapt to changing customer behaviors, find new business models, refine your business logic, and create digital concepts that take your company to the next level in the digital ecosystem.

Business Development Programs for Prospective and New Entrepreneurs

We offer free business development programs suitable for various stages in your journey towards starting a company or developing a startup. With a strong focus on sustainability and impact in our business development, we assist you regardless of the industry you want to work in.

Read more about our business development programs

Societal Benefit Through Research

We support Jönköping University and its researchers and employees in the process of turning research results into innovation and societal benefits. Through coaching, verification, and matching with industry, we provide support throughout the journey from research to product or service.

Investment and Financing

Without money, it is hard to realize business ideas and run companies. Therefore, we at Science Park put great effort into creating opportunities for our companies to secure capital so that they can grow and develop. We have an extensive national contact network with investors and venture capital firms. We are also actively involved in two regional investment companies – Speed Capital and Spectria Invest – and operate a regional investor network.