Science Parks affärsutvecklare Carina Blom står i en lounge i Science Park Towers

Carina Blom

Business Developer & Certified Innovation Leader

I have extensive experience from running my own business in the manufacturing industry. I understand the daily challenges as well as the need to raise the gaze and look forward. I have also worked many years with sales, communication, finance, marketing and as a leader within both the IT sector and consumer goods. Talk to me about what concerns your business today and where you want to go in the future. Together we will find a feasible and exciting path. Contact me if you want to take part in my drive, my commitment, and my experiences!

Unexpected talent: I can do the plank for five minutes! You can too if you practice – do you accept the challenge?

Dependent on: Running, chocolate and a good cup of coffee on that!

I’m happy when: People! My large family, my friends, and basically everyone I come across on my way through life.

What you didn’t know about me: I play hairdresser in my spare time. Not always appreciated by the children.

I’m passionate about: Helping people find their own power, their own way, or their own calm.