Whether you’re part of our business development programs or on an individual business development journey, Science Park offers a coworking space just for you. At Science Park Towers, immerse yourself in a vibrant coworking environment, equipped with all essentials for a productive day. Situated at a nexus of entrepreneurship, students, businesses, and individuals seeking mutual inspiration and growth, our space is the ideal meeting point.

Jönköping's Hub for Entrepreneurship, Creativity, and Innovation

At Science Park, sustainable business solutions and impactful innovations come to life. Together, we create a melting pot where serendipitous encounters lead to new possibilities. Opting for a desk at Science Park’s coworking space broadens your network horizon. Enjoy the community vibe without the commitment of renting a private office.

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Keen on joining our coworking community? The space is open to businesses and individuals involved in any of our business development programs or those undergoing a development process with our business developers.

If you’re already enrolled in a business development program or are receiving individual business development assistance, get in touch with the Front Desk for access to the coworking area. Simply drop by the Front Desk at Science Park Towers or email us at

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