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Finance Your Innovation

Without money, bringing business ideas to life and running a company can be challenging. That’s why, at Science Park, we invest significant effort in creating opportunities for our businesses to secure capital and find investors, enabling them to grow.

Science Park has an extensive national network with investors and venture capital firms. We are actively involved in two regional investment companies – Speed Capital and Spectria Invest – and lead a regional investor network. Additionally, we manage Tillväxtstiftelsen in Jönköping County, which, among other things, awards the ‘Innovator of the Year’ prize in all 13 municipalities in Jönköping County.

The investment fund Spectria Invest

Science Park Jönköping County is the initiator and co-owner of the investment fund Spectria Invest, which invests between 1-10 million SEK in regional growth companies with a verified business model and strong development potential. The fund aims to contribute to the development of companies through both capital and active ownership.

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The seed capital company Speed Capital AB

Science Park and the Credit Guarantee Association collaborate to boost the amount of seed capital in the Jönköping region. Science Park leads the initiative through its subsidiary, Speed Capital AB, which can invest 100,000 – 300,000 Swedish kronor in growth companies in the county. The investment is tied to companies participating in the Science Park Incubator program.

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Tillväxtstiftelsen in Jönköping County

The purpose of Tillväxtstiftelsen is to promote business, research, and competence development with a focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, and renewal in Jönköping County. Every year, Tillväxtstiftelsen awards a prize to the ‘Innovator of the Year’ in all 13 municipalities in Jönköping County. The aim of the award is to stimulate and encourage innovative thinking and entrepreneurship, as well as to highlight good role models who, through their work, inspire others to think big.

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The investor network of Science Park

Our investor network unites individuals and companies from across Jönköping County who share an interest in investing in growth companies. Network members receive regular updates on investment opportunities and exclusive invitations to special investor evenings where companies from Science Park, seeking financing, present their ideas.

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