Spectria Invest

Are you seeking a partner and an investor? Spectria Invest (‘Spectria’) invests in regional growth companies in Jönköping County. With capital, commitment, and active ownership, Spectria aims to support entrepreneurs and companies toward sustainable growth. We actively seek sustainability-driven businesses with a verified business model and strong development potential.

Spectria operates in Jönköping County and is owned by a group of experienced investors, businesses, and academia. The management company consists of Emtio Invest, Trinova Ventures, and Science Park Jönköping County, collectively overseeing the operational work of the fund. Spectria has a capital base of 58 million SEK.

What type of investments does Spectria make?

Spectria makes minority investments ranging from 3 to 12 million SEK. These investments are made in entrepreneur-driven companies with significant growth potential, where there is plenty of opportunity to further develop the business through active collaboration between Spectria and the company’s current owners/management.

Spectria invests in companies that:

Has a validated business model

Has a clearly sustainability-driven operation and a plan for the future

Showcases an innovative product, service, or business model with significant potential

With additional capital and an active owner, it can achieve strong value growth

Operates in an industry with significant growth potential

Spectria primarily aims to work with new stock offerings, meaning invested capital goes directly into the company. In some cases, the purchase of existing shares, convertibles, or a combination of these may also be considered. We strive to be active minority shareholders, contributing not only capital but also fostering strong corporate development through our collective knowledge and experience.

Clear objective since 2018

Spectria was founded in March 2018 with the aim of building a fund structure that leverages Science Park’s experience and close ties to companies, combined with the expertise and dedication of private investors, academia, and institutions across Jönköping County. Since its inception, the goal has been to invest in local companies with significant growth potential and contribute to their development through both capital infusion and active ownership.

By providing a secure and stable framework for entrepreneurs, alongside active ownership, Spectria presents an attractive opportunity for companies in a growth phase.

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