Speed Capital

Speed Capital is on the lookout for sustainable and innovative companies in Jönköping County that are at the beginning of their journey. The investments typically range around 300,000 kronor. Could your company be our next investment?

Speed Capital helps your company grow with early-stage capital

Every year, several companies have the opportunity for a 300,000 kronor investment from Speed Capital. The capital enters in the early stage, where it is otherwise challenging to find risk-tolerant funding that can complement other sources of financing, such as grants and soft loans. Speed Capital aims to contribute to more innovations that create positive impact in society, making it all the way to the market.

Increase the chances of success in business development through Science Park

We combine our investment with active business development through Science Park’s incubator program to ensure that you achieve maximum success.

About Speed Capital:

Speed Capital operates in collaboration with Tillväxtstiftelsen, a subsidiary of Science Park Jönköping AB.

How do I apply for financing through Speed Capital?

The first step in the process is to meet with one of our business developers. A meeting with us is always free of charge and confidential.

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