AI Readiness 2.0

AI is evolving quickly, and there’s a lot happening. AI Readiness 2.0 offers inspiration, new insights, and knowledge through coaching, workshops, research, and lectures. We help companies understand the potential of AI and how to turn it into business value. We also run Science Park’s AI network, giving companies an invaluable contact network for continued development in AI.

About the Project

In the long run, the project aims to transform the business landscape in Jönköping County. We want to go from low use of digital business models to effectively using AI technology for sustainable business value. We want companies to become aware, gain understanding, and take steps toward their own AI initiatives. The project is run in close collaboration with Jönköping University.

Project Partners

The AI READINESS project is managed by Science Park Jönköping and funded by the European Regional Development FundRegion Jönköping CountyJönköping University (JTH and JIBS) and Science Park Jönköpings County.


Who Can Participate?

Established companies in Jönköping County with up to 249 employees in any industry and a turnover of up to 500 million SEK.

Project Goals

By the end of the project, most participating companies should have a better understanding and knowledge of the sustainable business benefits of AI. Companies involved in the project’s deeper efforts should have achieved greater AI maturity and taken steps toward their own AI initiatives.

Project Timeline

The project runs from March 1, 2023, to June 30, 2026.

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How to Create Business Value with AI

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