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Sustainable Business – 5 Tips for a Better and More Sustainable Business Idea

A more sustainable business world is key to our planet’s survival. And we need to act now. We all need to help preserve Mother Earth for future generations.

The reality is harsh: our planet is becoming uninhabitable if we don’t act. Rising temperatures, sea levels, natural disasters, famine, displacement, wars, mass extinction, and economic collapse are all looming. Our Earth is on the brink.

But while the challenges are huge, there are also many positive forces at work. Many people and companies are ready to do everything they can to contribute to sustainable development and a better environment by minimizing their impact on the planet and keeping global warming in check.

Sustainable business and change are driven by two forces:


A strong vision to solve the climate crisis


An impending urgent crisis

Through collective action, we can steer in the right direction quickly. Here are 5 tips to make your business more sustainable while improving your business idea.

5 Tips for a Sustainable Business Idea:

1. Focus on What Matters to Your Stakeholders and Where You Can Make a Difference

You have a clear vision and know you need to contribute, but you’re not sure how. Not everyone can do everything, but everyone can do something. It’s important (and easiest) to do something where you can make a real difference and where it matters to your surroundings.

Every business has different stakeholders: customers, employees, owners, and close partners. But we also operate within a context, an industry regulated by legislation and influenced by trends. This is where we should start. Look at those around you, what’s important to them, and where you can make a difference.

2. See Sustainability Requirements as a Business Opportunity

Every business has legal requirements, values, and unwritten rules to follow. This also applies to sustainability. We’re often well aware of what we must do and what costs money. But as we adapt our operations to do the right thing – why not go further and think about how we can deliver more value at the same time? How can we meet future demands and expectations and turn them into business opportunities?

Take the chance to be the first to solve an important challenge and take a significant market position on the issue.

3. Use the Global Goals as a Filter

The UN member states have adopted Agenda 2030, which includes the 17 Global Goals. Which goals can your business contribute to? Using the Global Goals and their related targets as a filter is a great way to understand where your business can make a real difference. Organize an engaging workshop with colleagues to discuss the Global Goals and their impact on your business. The knowledge gained along the way will inspire others and make you more effective in discussions with customers and suppliers.

4. Find Your "Sweet Spot" in Sustainable Development

Once you know which Global Goals are relevant to your business, it’s time to ask:

“If we could impact this area, would it be important to our stakeholders?”

Just like in your regular business, you need to understand external demands and customer needs. The more knowledge you have and ensure, the better solution you can develop and commercialize. Sustainability works the same way. Conduct your environmental scanning from a sustainability perspective.

🏁 Where are we headed?
✅ What new demands will be placed?
❤️ Which area of sustainability is closest to your heart?
🔍 What’s happening in other industries, and what’s important to customers?

The more important it is to the customer, the more important it is for you to work on it. Is it also an issue that your employees are passionate about? Then you’ve found your “sweet spot” – the significant issue to work on.


5. Act Now and Create a Development Plan

Now you know what’s important to you, your customers, and your surroundings. It’s time to get specific and identify the positive changes you can contribute to.

Are there areas where you’re already doing well and can make an impact? Can you improve existing products and services or develop new ideas that help both your customers and your surroundings become more sustainable?

There are also areas where improvements are needed. Here, you need an action plan to reach a sustainable level that meets customer and external expectations. Companies that ignore their weaknesses won’t survive in the market.

We Help You on the Path to Sustainable Innovation

Running sustainable companies can be guided by strong values, laws, or where you feel it fits. Every step counts. I call these necessary changes “transition innovations.” For companies aiming for long-term profitability and sustainability, this method is effective.

If you want to discuss sustainability issues, get help in your sustainability work, and learn about our sustainable business methodology, we are here for you. Together, we can make a big difference, but we must act now. Pick up the phone today and book your first meeting.

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