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Define Your Idea with the NABC Model

The NABC model serves as a tool to define your idea and prepare a concise pitch by challenging you to think through what truly makes the idea valuable for your intended customers. In this guide, you’ll get a quick overview of the different parts of the NABC model. You can also download the model to continue working on it independently.





N (Need/Behov)

Describe the needs of the customer, market, society, or other stakeholders.

What is the problem, and for whom?

What does the customer care about, and what values does the customer hold?

In what way is the need confirmed?


A (Approach/Tillvägagångssätt)

Explain your unique approach to satisfying the identified need.

Can the approach be made more sustainable in terms of, for example, manufacturing, material choices, transportation, working conditions, and inclusivity?


B (Benefits/Fördelar)

Describe the quantified benefit in relation to the customer’s cost.

Value = Benefit/Cost. Does your idea have a positive impact on society and the climate? Does it contribute positively to the United Nations’ 17 global sustainability goals?


C (Competition/Konkurrens)

Who are the competitors or other alternatives that can satisfy the need?

In what ways can sustainability create additional competitive advantages?

Always Start with the Customer’s Needs

Many invest a significant amount of time in the ‘Approach’ section, solely focusing on their solution and how it should look. We believe it’s crucial to begin with the ‘Need,’ meaning a clear need or problem. It’s easy to go astray with both the solution and marketing if you don’t truly understand the underlying need.

By navigating through the model, you gain a clearer understanding of the problems to be addressed, enabling you to construct a robust and clear business idea.

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Try Out the NABC Model

Download here

Summarize Your Value Proposition for a Great Pitch

If you distill the information from the four areas of the NABC model into a concrete offering, it becomes an excellent brief explanation of your business idea. This can be used when sharing what you do during a meeting or on your website.

By adding a ‘hook’ (an introduction that generates interest and reaction) before your NABC and a ‘closer’ (something that makes the listener remember) after the model, you have a perfect pitch.

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