Incubator Competition – Submit Your Entry

Have you started working on a solution to your problem and decided to venture into a business? This competition is designed for those aiming to develop a product or service with significant commercial and international potential. Your solution should be innovative, and it’s required that it contributes in some way to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It doesn’t need to be an entirely new solution; it can be an enhanced version of something already available in the market.

Competition Criteria

To participate, you must:

  • Live/operate within Jönköping County
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have started/plan to start a limited company  – “aktiebolag” (maximum five years old)

We evaluate based on:

  • The innovation level and uniqueness of your idea
  • International potential
  • How the idea contributes to Agenda 2030
  • Capacity to push the idea forward


The winning entry receives SEK 100,000 in “development funds”*, a spot in Science Park’s incubator, and workspace in Science Park’s coworking space.

Joining our incubator means you’ll have a dedicated business developer, access to external expert knowledge, and support with strategy for financing your business.

*meaning the money is allocated for further idea development.

Competition Terms for the Incubator Competition

By submitting your entry to us, you agree to the following competition terms:


The competition is organized by Science Park Jönköping AB.


The competition is open to those who have a registered limited liability company, or at the latest at the time of entry into the incubator have a registered limited liability company. In order to participate in the competition, the company must be no more than 5 years old and you must be at least 18 years old and resident in Sweden. The company must be eligible for state aid under Article 22 of the GBER.


The company’s business idea must be a product or service with great international and commercial potential that is new or significantly better than what is available on the market. The business idea must be innovative and contribute in some way to one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The founder/team behind the company must demonstrate the ability to take their idea forward. Total time in the team equivalent to 75% of a full-time position should be able to be dedicated to the idea during the incubation period.


Competition applications can only be made via this page and only between 25 September and 29 October 2023. Winners will be announced in January 2024.


We will only consider competition entries that are complete and submitted within the competition period via the specified digital application form. We reserve the right to remove entries from the competition, without prior notice to the entrants. Such action may result from an entry being deemed illegal, offensive or otherwise ethically or morally inappropriate or in violation of any of our policies, or in the case of suspected cheating. This and other decisions are not subject to appeal.


As an entrant, you certify that your submission is truthful and that you own the copyright and any other rights that may apply to the entry. You undertake to indemnify Science Park Jönköping AB in the event that anyone makes a claim against Science Park Jönköping AB in connection with the competition entry. Science Park Jönköping AB cannot be held liable for any loss or damage incurred as a consequence of participation in the competition.


As a winner, you grant Science Park Jönköping AB, as well as the competition partners, the right to publish your name and picture as well as a description of your idea for communication and marketing purposes without time limit. No compensation will be paid for such communication or marketing.


The grant will be used in the business activities of the winning companies for activities that clearly take the company forward and verify the business idea; decisions on activities will be made in consultation with Science Park Jönköping’s business developer.


Science Park Jönköping AB reserves the right not to select a winner if no competition entry is deemed to meet the quality required for acceptance.


When you register for the competition, Science Park processes personal data about you, such as your name and e-mail address. You also sign up for our newsletter. We invite you to read more about our personal data processing in our personal data policy, where the sections “When you register for and participate in an event or activity” and “When you participate in business development” apply to our personal data processing regarding your participation in the Idea Contest. Our personal data policy is available here.

The competition is now closed

The competition period has now ended and the selection process is ongoing. Winners will be announced in January 2024.