EcoCare-grundarna Noah, Valter, Tim och Valter står i trappen på Science Park Towers.

EcoCare wins Science Park’s idea competition with a groundbreaking food waste solution

30 January 2024

Congratulations EcoCare – winner of Science Park’s idea competition 2023! During the autumn of 2023, Science Park announced an idea competition with a prize pool of 10,000 Swedish kronor. The theme of the competition was ideas that could contribute, in some way, to solving a societal challenge, whether on a small or large scale. A winning entry has now been selected! Congratulations to Tim, Noah, Hugo, and Valter – the high school entrepreneurs who are developing a new solution to ease the handling of food waste for individuals.

Tim, Noah, Hugo, and Valter are in their final year at Sandagymnasiet and Erik Dahlbergsgymnasiet and have been working on their UF company, EcoCare, since September 2023. This spring, all four will graduate. They look forward to continuing the development of their company and product even after graduation. They have now been awarded 10,000 SEK in development funds from Science Park.

– The most enjoyable part of working on this idea has been how much we’ve learned along the way. We’ve read many research projects and learned to confidently reach out to various people in the business world, Hugo says.

The team behind EcoCare plans to apply for a patent for their idea in the future and therefore cannot reveal to the public the form their solution will take today.

– It feels great to win the competition! We are currently entering a product development phase where we believe the prize money will be very helpful, says Noah.

Winner’s Motivation:

The problem with paper bags for food waste becoming wet and breaking is well-known. Many find it unhygienic and choose not to sort their food waste because of this. Others use double bags to prevent spills, leading to increased waste of bags and higher costs for the municipalities paying for these bags. EcoCare’s founders, Hugo, Tim, Noah, and Valter, have tackled this challenge. As a group, they are proactive and in contact with both material researchers and product developers to find the best solution to the problem.

Our long-term goal is to reach as many municipalities in Sweden as possible and to eventually establish ourselves in our neighboring countries. And of course, we want the solution to be profitable!

Noah, cofounder of Ecocare UF

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