En entreprenör står framför en publik. På väggen bakom henne sitter en skärm som visar en bild av modellen The Golden Circle.

Formulate Your Purpose with The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is a model created by entrepreneur Simon Sinek and is used to engage and inspire by clarifying the purpose of your company.

The Golden Circle Consists of Three Layers:



The driving force behind and the reason why you do what you do.



Your unique method or strategy.



Your specific services and products.

Why, Why, Why?

In what way does your business idea create a better everyday life for the many people on this Earth? Challenge yourself and your team by always asking why, why, why – until you have found the core and the true drive in your company. Values-driven companies can often explain why they exist. If you can explain your company’s values – why customers should buy from your company and not from competitors – then you have come a long way! And remember: it’s not about the price tag of your service or product, but the value it adds.

By always starting with “why” when communicating, you can create a deeper emotional connection between the customer and your brand.

The Golden Circle Helps Us Find the Core

According to entrepreneur and TED talk personality Simon Sinek, the key lies in what we communicate. To illustrate his idea, he has invented a simple model called “The Golden Circle.” At the core of this circle, we have “why,” surrounding it is “how,” and outermost is “what.”

Most companies communicate from the outside in. They start with “what” – the product they sell, then they explain how excellent the product is and why you should buy it. But a few companies have flipped it and start all their communication with “why”:

What drives us? What do we believe in? Why do we get up and go to work every morning?

Your “Why” Should:

  • Be simple and clear without complicated jargon or technical terms. Keep it concise and straight to the point.
  • Be actionable and convertible into concrete actions and decisions. Your “why” should provide a glimpse into what you will actually do.
  • Focus on how your business idea and ambitions positively impact others and the world at large.
  • Reflect you. Ideally, your “why” should be summarized in a single sentence, with a tone and feeling that mirrors your brand.

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