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Intern at Science Park

Are you studying at a higher education institution and looking for an internship opportunity? At Science Park, we’re happy to welcome interns from universities and vocational schools, particularly those focusing on areas such as sustainability, communication & marketing, and business development.

Who Can Intern at Science Park?

We welcome interns who are enrolled in post-secondary education programs. It’s important for us to offer a good setup for your internship so that both you as an intern and we as an organization can find a beneficial and learning collaboration. In addition to the program you’re enrolled in, we place great emphasis on your personal qualities and commitment. We are a values-driven organization with a strong passion for our mission, and we want interns who are interested in our operations and what we do.


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Internship Opportunity with a Focus on Impact Challenge in Idea and Business Development

We are currently seeking an intern from Jönköping University for our “Ideas and Starters” function at Science Park Jönköping. Are you a student with a passion and experience in entrepreneurship, as well as an interest in business development? Then this position is for you!

We are a team of four individuals working with the future and new entrepreneurs of Jönköping municipality, as well as the students at Jönköping University. We have previously had interns from institutions such as Jönköping International Business School and Jönköping School of Engineering.

The internship period will be during the autumn semester of 2024, with a focus on organizing the Impact Challenge competition. As an intern for the “Ideas and Starters” function, you will have the opportunity to work on and learn more about:

  • Organizing the Impact Challenge – a competition focusing on sustainable business ideas
  • Idea and business development
  • Activities and workshops for future and new entrepreneurs
  • Models and tools tailored for the entrepreneurial journey
  • Sustainability and digital transformation with a focus on AI
  • Participating in the strategic work to develop Science Park’s offerings for future entrepreneurs and students

Does this position sound interesting to you?

Send your application to Simon Hagedorn, Business Developer.

Internship Opportunity in Communication and Marketing

We are continuously seeking interns for our marketing department. We have previously had interns from institutions such as the School of Learning and Communication and the Södra Vätterbygdens Folk High School. In our marketing department, three individuals work strategically and operationally with all of our communication.

As an intern in Science Park’s marketing department, you will have the opportunity to work on and learn more about:

  • Social media – planning and creating content in various formats and for different channels
  • Writing texts for various purposes and target groups
  • Working with our website in the publishing tool WordPress
  • Working with AI tools such as Midjourney and ChatGPT
  • Photography and creating moving materials
  • Participating in the strategic work to develop Science Park’s communication

There is also room for you as an intern to lead your own project. For the spring of 2023, all internship positions in the marketing department are filled, but you are welcome to apply for another period

Internship Opportunity in Sustainability

We are continuously seeking interns in sustainability. We have previously welcomed interns from programs such as Global Studies and Sustainable Enterprise Development at Jönköping University.

At Science Park, we are passionate about developing sustainable ideas and companies, and we are convinced that innovation is a key component in addressing climate change and societal challenges around us. Our mission includes educating, inspiring, and developing our entrepreneurs, companies, and individuals in various aspects of sustainability from a business development perspective. We also drive various projects, hold lectures, organize business development programs, and host a variety of events and activities each year. In all of these, we incorporate sustainability, even though the focus is on the business development of ideas and companies.

Science Park has a close collaboration with students, teachers, and student associations at Jönköping University. We are also here for all residents of the region, which means that we sometimes hold activities in other parts of the county.

As an intern in sustainability, you will, among other things:

  • participate in organizing activities for students and entrepreneurs
  • attend business development meetings and creative workshops
  • assist in various project efforts
  • participate in organizing an annual hackathon with over 250 participating students at Jönköping University.
  • have the opportunity to delve into research work on various sustainability challenges.

You are encouraged to come up with your own ideas and input throughout the entire internship period regarding the activities and assignments you participate in.

Apply for an Internship

To be able to intern at Science Park, you need to have your own computer to use during the internship period. To thrive with us and our mission, we believe that you are:

  • curious self-driven
  • enjoy meeting new people
  • have good ability to express yourself verbally and in writing in Swedish and English
  • find sustainability, entrepreneurship, and development as exciting as we do.

When applying for an internship, please email us the following:

  • A personal letter describing yourself
  • What education you are studying and when your internship period is
  • What you would particularly like to focus on or learn more about during the internship
  • If there are any mandatory components in your internship – for example, if you are responsible for your own project, writing a paper, or similar
  • What attracts you to Science Park
  • Preferably a CV – it is always interesting to know about previous work experience even if it is not within the area you are studying

Don’t forget to submit your application well in advance. Sometimes we receive many applications, and then we often conduct interviews before we can provide a response.

Send your application to one of the contact persons below: