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Investor Network

Are you interested in investing in young companies that need capital and expertise to grow? Science Park has a continuous flow of exciting growth companies that we introduce to our investor network.

Investors in Jönköping County

Science Park actively and passionately works to help companies find the right business model, team, conditions for international expansion, and capital for growth. Our investor network gathers individuals and companies from across Jönköping County interested in investing in growth companies, facilitating an efficient connection between companies seeking capital and those with the means and willingness to invest. Through local and regional engagement, you have the opportunity to contribute to a stronger business environment.

What can you, as an investor, expect from a membership?

Invitations to one or two major events annually, centered around financing

Exclusive mailings featuring carefully curated investment opportunities.

Networking opportunities with fellow investors for knowledge exchange and potential co-investment.

Dedicated support from Science Park throughout the investment process.

Participation alongside Science Park’s business developers in sessions where companies test their investment pitches, providing early insights into potential investment opportunities.

What is expected of you as a member?

Science Park’s investor network welcomes individuals with an investment capacity exceeding 250,000 SEK. However, there’s no obligation to invest, and we value members who also contribute their experience and engagement.

Join the investor network

You can express your interest in our investor network here.

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