VISS.AI – the startup that transforms AI into everyday language

The exciting journey of David Bacelj and Philip Alm is more than just a startup story; it’s a tale of passion, perseverance, and belief in a future where technology serves humanity in an intuitive and accessible manner. In the heart of Jönköping, a revolution in artificial intelligence is taking shape. David and Philip, the entrepreneurs behind VISS.AI, have swiftly transformed a shared frustration with repetitive tasks into an innovative AI platform that streamlines workflows worldwide.

VISS.AI is a platform that blurs the boundaries between human and machine by enabling interaction with software through simple, everyday commands. Instead of manually handling tedious and time-consuming tasks like sorting emails and invoices, VISS.AI allows the user to create automated processes – or ‘workflows’ – using natural language. This means that users can instruct their applications to perform complex tasks without any prior technical knowledge.

Anyone – worldwide – should be able to do this. You shouldn’t need to understand AI or be a tech geek. With our tool, anyone spending a lot of time on repetitive tasks can automate their work without needing technical expertise or expensive consultants. The accessibility combined with a user-friendly interface paves the way to both simplify advanced tasks – and to spend time on more value-adding activities.

The concept for VISS.AI was born out of a desire to eliminate the dull payroll runs on a Saturday night in the office. With the vision of an AI that handles all tasks, from payroll to business communication, the journey began.

Breakthrough in Technology and its Applications

– We recognized early on that language models and generative AI would be a big deal. We began developing our product even though we knew the model itself was too weak for it to work – the technology wasn’t mature. Then GPT-3 was released and revolutionized the world. We applied it to our program, and suddenly it worked.

Six months later, David and Philip had a prototype and began formally building their company. Through their self-developed multi-agent framework, where each AI agent has its specialization, the platform can handle and automate a variety of tasks through collaboration, like a digital society of experts.

– Developing the software, however, has been a long journey. We have started from scratch several times – now we’re on the seventh version. That’s what happens when you work in a completely new area where there are no guidelines or information to google. We have built the entire product based on guesses and constantly discovered better ways to do the work. And – the solution we have built now is shockingly impressive!

From the accelerator program to Incubator Company of the year

David and Philip first met at a UF fair, and after several years of working on separate projects, they decided to start a company together. The company became Norditech – a consulting firm offering AI-related services. Norditech began its journey through the Science Park’s business development program, “Tech Accelerator,” in 2021. After winning the program’s final pitch competition, David & Philip advanced to the Incubator program. There, Science Park’s business developers support new and innovative startups striving to make a real difference for both society and the planet. In 2023, Norditech was also named Incubator Company of the Year and was awarded the Guldenen Prize.

The incubator has been extremely valuable. There, we became interested in business and learned about business – before that, we were sitting at home building things that no one used.

“Don’t want to be labeled as youths.”

David and Philip, both born in 1999 and raised in Jönköping, describe themselves as extreme tech enthusiasts who “grew up with a laptop in hand.”

Even before our teenage years, we started programming – everything! Games, websites, and a thousand hobby projects. School provided structure and methods, but we have devoted all our free time to what we love – programming – and that’s how we learned.”

Therefore, it might not be so surprising that despite their young age, they have started and run several companies. David and Philip are proof that dedication and hard work can break through preconceived notions and lead to significant advancements in the technology industry.

Now we've crossed the threshold, but we used to avoid mentioning our age to avoid being labeled as ignorant youths. After signing contracts with several major companies, age became irrelevant.

"AI can be a scary technology."

David and Philip describe it as if we are currently in a paradigm shift regarding the possibilities of technology. But they are also careful to highlight the ethical aspect of the technology and acknowledge that there is a justified fear among many people.

It was mind-blowing when we first got the model to work. We were sleepless for nights – for several months. We must acknowledge that AI can be perceived as scary – we ourselves think so too. Therefore, as a company, we have a responsibility to be transparent about how we address the risks that come with the opportunities.

With data protection and privacy becoming increasingly critical considerations, VISS.AI has taken important steps to ensure that all data processing occurs within Sweden’s borders. By enabling the service to run on the customer’s own servers, they ensure that companies retain full control over their data.

Mentors contribute experience

The team at VISS.AI currently consists of eleven individuals from various backgrounds and parts of the world. And recruiting has been easy – despite David and Philip’s claim to have extremely high standards.

You really have to be passionate about this. It’s high pressure and a lot of responsibility – it’s not suitable for everyone, but you have to thrive in this culture. But the people in the team are also the most important thing we have. Currently, it’s working well precisely because we’re a small and young team without other responsibilities, but we also want to build a culture that can adapt as people’s circumstances change with life. Of course, it will be a challenge.

Beyond code and algorithms, David and Philip emphasize the importance of an environment where each team member receives the right support and knowledge, regardless of background or experience.

All members of the company have private mentors, in various professions. Since this is our first major company journey – and we have high ambitions! – our mentors play a crucial role in the team's development.

Technology as part of the company culture

As leaders, David and Philip strive to inspire by example, valuing the opinions of all team members equally. They have created a corporate culture that encourages commitment and responsibility, prioritizing the recruitment of team members who share their passion and vision. And – technology is not just the product they sell, but a part of the company’s DNA and the team’s way of working.

We are constantly building tools to streamline OUR work. We want to empower everyone to be strong and efficient rather than hiring many employees. We already operate as if we were many more than we are – and thanks to our approach, our core team will take us a long way.

David and Philip’s journey has not been without setbacks. They have encountered many challenges and have been forced to start over several times. But it is precisely these mistakes and lessons that have given them insights and the drive to constantly improve and refine their product. A humble and open attitude towards learning has been crucial to their progress. However, it’s no secret that the job consumes many hours of the day.

At the moment, there is no downside to not having a boundary between work and personal life. We work 100-hour weeks, but we don’t call it work. It’s our life, and our best friends are in the team. We live in a bubble – but we also travel the world and experience more of life than many others. Right now, we’re putting everything into this, without any brakes. Later on, we’ll find a balance in life that works moving forward – you have to when you love it as much as we do.


VISS.AI is a subsidiary of Norditech and, since the turn of the year, part of Science Park’s incubator program. Leveraging its existing customer base and a pioneering client in the accounting industry, the VISS.AI team is now shaping prototypes to fit customers’ unique processes and challenges. The platform is industry-agnostic – limited only by the apps it integrates and the user’s creativity.

With a waiting list in place and a planned gradual rollout to selected customers, the goal is an open launch in the fall. The platform will be accessible and usable for everyone through their website, without the need for installations or advanced technical expertise. Pricing will reflect the extent of usage, ensuring that the product is cost-effective in relation to the value it delivers.