Science Parks affärsutvecklare Marthina Knutsson står i en lounge i Science Park Towers

Marthina Knutsson

Business Developer

Contact me when you have ideas and dreams that you want to talk about and make a reality! I have a background in entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, communication, and customer relations. I have previously worked as a telemarketer and run my own business in appointment setting, sales & marketing. If you have any questions, I’m here. Call, email, or come by and visit me in Eksjö or Aneby.

My motto in life is “Don’t dream your life, live your dreams!”.

I can’t do without: Water

I collect: Memories from travels and experiences.

I’m impressed by: People who step outside their “comfort zone” – that’s when you grow and develop in the long term.

Passionate about: Helping people succeed in their goals and achieve their dreams.

The worst thing I know: Malice