Preparing for a Royal Entrepreneurship visit

On the 17th of March Prins Daniel will visit Jönköping and the University.

The visit is part of the Prins Daniels Fellowship and Entrepreneurship program, a co-operation between Prins Daniel, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and prominent Entrepreneurs and business leaders. The aim is to inspire and support young people to become entrepreneurs by bringing role models to them and looking for a longterm cultural change that affects an entrepreneurial mindset.

In Jönköping Prins Daniel will be accompanied by entrepreneurs Mia Brunell Livfors (Spotify), Victoria Carlsson (Yollibox), Jacob de Geer (iZettle) and Lina Gebäck (Linas Matkasse) and they will have a round table discussion about entrepreneurship with a group of students who applied to be a part of this event.

The students joining applied by answering questions about why they want to be entrepreneurs and presenting their own business ideas. To prepare the students and have them meet each other Science Park invited them to an ”prep-evening”. They were welcomed by Dan Friberg, the CEO of Science Park and Jönköpings Business Development (Investor), and also got to meet local entrepreneurs Gustaf Göranson, Emanuel Nilsson and Emil Karlsson and hear their storys.

During the evening the students got some insights to a method called (NABC) on how to work with ideas and be prepared to pitch or in short sentences have others grasp the importance of their ideas if the opportunity is given.

We hope to see them inspired and continue their drive to new businesses and even more ideas.