Apply for Best Gamer Job 2014

Imagine a job where you get paid to dig deep into the gaming scene and to give companies insight into the industry. Imagine a job where gaming is allowed during work hours. A job in a beautiful Swedish city with a beach downtown. Become “Gaming Mayor of Jönköping”, apply for the Best Gamer Job 2014.

Jönköping has played host to the world’s largest digital festival, Dreamhack, since 2001. Now the city wants to step up and solidify their role in the gaming industry. During May and June 2014 the city will employ two gamers assigned with the task of “gamifying” Jönköping. You will get 5000€, DHS14 Tickets, living arrangements and a workspace in Jönköping.

This is a chance for you to be the next star on Youtube and Twitch and to pursue a career within gaming!

Apply at

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