Get 5 weeks with a Master Student of Engineering

Interested in the chance to test a Master Student of Engineering for a period of at least 5 weeks? Then it’s your lucky day! 90 JTH students, half way through their master studies, are right now looking for companies that they can help via internships.

The students come from four different programs:

  • Information Engineering and Management
  • Production Development and Management
  • Product Development and Materials Engineering
  • Industrial Design

If interested please contact: Adam Sandwall at

Information engineering program

Students are trained in designing and programming software systems. These software systems support administration and production processes, optimize work flow and material flows, enable electronic business solutions, support collaboration in distributed work groups and many more tasks.

Production Development and Management

The programme focuses on the role that production plays within manufacturing companies. Central themes include how production systems are developed, how the design of the products and the supply chain interrelate with the production system design, and how production systems are operated and managed.

Product Development and Materials Engineering

This programme covers the entire product development process, from conceptual engineering design to materials and manufacturing processes. Emphasis is placed on design and construction of technical components and products in regards to customer demands, use, producibility and production methods.

Industrial Design

The student will learn more about the whole design process from a human point of view, with a focus on usability, ergonomics, aesthetics, materials and production, as well as drafting  techniques and visualisation. The students use a variety of tools to quickly visualize ideas and concepts in order to develop their creativity in the design studio and through model workshops.