Science Parks affärsutvecklare Rehman Amin står i en trappa i Science Park Towers.

Rehman Amin

Business Developer

I have a background in both IT and business management, but have also started and ran my own business. Previously, I have worked within international companies with a commercial background, in different countries with different roles. Among other things, as a business developer, team leader and CEO. I have also coached many social entrepreneurs.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions about financing, internationalization, or if you are wondering how you can formulate your idea into a sustainable business idea.

Unexpected talent: Few people know that I like to spend time in the kitchen cooking really good food

Dream colleague: Tony Stark (Iron Man), because I love both technology and intelligence.

Passionate about: Agenda 2030, sustainability, and the future of the world’s children.

Language skills: English, Russian, Swedish and Arabic